Windows Mail in Windows Vista

By capri ·
I've probably already identified my biggest problem--using Windows Vista OS, but it came pre-installed on my new laptop so I'm giving it a shot. My immediate problem is that I can't delete the email in the Deleted Items folder. Neither does it display the email. Comes up with unknown error message. I've also tried deleting the folder from Explorer but that didn't work either. Meanwhile the number of "deleted" emails grow. Any ideas? Oh, Toshiba says it's Microsoft's problem, and, of course, Microsoft says since it was pre-installed, it's Toshiba's problem!

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And technically M$ is correct as you have an OEM

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Windows Mail in Windows V ...

Copy of Vista you need to contact the supplier who is responsible for supporting it. The problem here is that Vista is still in the early Beta Stages and currently no one knows why things happen the way that they do.

I really would recommend wiping the HDD and installing XP onto the system or maybe even returning the NB to the seller and demand a refund because the item fails to meet the definition of being a Saleable Item.

But if you are silly enough to want to preserve with Vista there is a M$ Supported Vista Community Forum where M$ can come to grips with all of their sloppy coding and begin to start to address their sloppy coding practises.

I can not guarantee that you'll get any help but it's available here


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As I expected...

by capri In reply to And technically M$ is cor ...

I had almost decided to reformat and install Win XP Pro but I may rethink and take back for refund as you suggest! However, even though Toshiba is technically responsible, the product still belongs to MS and they should be held accountable for any problems. After all, they remind us that WE don't own their products! Thanks for your helpful suggestions.


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Yes I love M$ way of doing business to

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to As I expected...

They produce a heap of brown steaming stuff then make us agree to their terms which include the fact that we don't actually own the product and then disavow themselves from any bugs that cost us money so that they are not legally liable for their own mess.

But they have done better and removed XP from the Retail Shelves and from the Big OEM Makers as well. This is because when XP was released they continued to sell 98 and it consistently out sold XP till it was removed from sale. Apparently M$ seem to think that this cost them money so they insisted that this wouldn't happen again.

Actually you'll need to look very hard to find any sort of NB that comes loaded with XP as they no longer exist unless there is some Old Stock Floating around somewhere.

Because I'm in the business and build my own I can still get copies of XP but even they are getting harder to keep getting in single OEM Licenses with the Upgrade to XP Option as the only available choice now.

However on the Volume License side of things there isn't a problem in the world at the moment so I'll be buying several new Volume Licenses this year for some of the clients that I support.

If you can find a small system builder which are uncommon in the States you can get a Clevo and build that to suit your needs and have whatever OS that you want installed. They are the base units that I use for NB's and I've yet to have one fail and as I sell a lot of them to earthmover's they do get a hard life. You might be able to find your Countries Authorised Reseller if you contact them direct at their main Web Site here

Basicially how things work here is that you chose the chassis that you want then the CPU amount of RAM Optical Drive Type and the Size of the HDD and then any OS and software that you want.

I can not sing their praises loud enough as you get a lot more than what you pay for and can customise it to suit your own needs.

Little things like Built in Web Cams and things like that make these units so appealing. Actually practically anyone could follow the directions and build one but if you can find someone who sells these you can get them configered in any way that you want. My current one is now 2.4 years old and is still better than most of the new ones and while it was built for pure power at the expense of Battery Life it's the tool that I need so I have a Dual Layer DVD Burner a 3.2 GIG P4, a 100 GIG HDD and 1 GIG of RAM the most that that particular unit can take and it just flies along without a care in the world.

I hope that is of some help.


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Vista is still in the early Beta Stages ????

by SO.CAL Guy In reply to And technically M$ is cor ...

i have been using vista since it came out and i have not had any problems with it sure there are a few bug's as with any new release of any OS Linux or mac or Microsoft

but to say it is an early beta release is just FUD

i have had few problems upgrading to windows vista and i would all so say i have found less bugs than when windows xp came out and less bugs than when Ubuntu came out but that is my experience

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And it is just that for any Business Environment

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Vista is still in the ear ...

While it may be OK for domestic use it doesn't have the necessary support for Business use and as such is still in the early Beta Stages.

If you are incapable of seeing the differences between a working OS that is widely supported and one that still has Beta drivers supplied by some of the Hardware Vendors because M$ kept instigating changes and laking the ability to run all the Mission Critical Software necessary for any business this is still to all intents & purposes a Beta Product no matter what the maker might call it.

I've had the Volume License copy's since November 2006 and it's no closer now to being a viable alternative to XP than it was when I bought the Volume License Copies of Vista Enterprise and Office 2007 which still doesn't have a working plug in for the Accounting package that is available for it because the Accounting Package uses SQL 2005 which isn't supported by Vista.

Read things in context before you wet your pants over what is to all intents & purposes something different to a home users needs.


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Make sure that you activate the product.

by vamsichrisraj In reply to Windows Mail in Windows V ...

make sure if the vista version is a FULL one activate is online as well.

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Delete Mail Problem

by Northlite In reply to Windows Mail in Windows V ...

It would appear that this is an issue with Windows Mail for some, altho I do not have it with mine. Whenever I have a problem with software I usually try to search forums, if they have them, to see what others are saying. If you goto the main Vista site and and click on Help and How To, goto Communities and type in the search box, windows mail can not delete messages, you may find a way to solve the problem.

In my opinion, I think Windows Mail is an improvement over Outlook Express but it is not quite there yet for me so I have went back to Thunderbird which I started using because it handled IMAP accounts better then Outlook Express.

Hope this helps,

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Same problem since beta

by stwelch In reply to Delete Mail Problem

Windows mail has had this problem since the first beta and MS admits it but cannot seem to come up with a fix...forumns are full of occurs often but not on all machiens so it must be related to a particular configuration of software running on that machine. Good Luck.

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Thanks to all who responded!

by capri In reply to Same problem since beta

I have joined the consensus that MS has not come up with a fix. I am still (and probably will) continuing to use Mozilla Thunderbird which is performing beautifully. Thank you, all, for helping me sort through this problem.

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thats the bad thing about OEM's

by SO.CAL Guy In reply to Windows Mail in Windows V ...

thats the bad thing about OEM's when it comes to support the way it's supposed to work is the OEM gives you tech support on hardware and OS but inreality most OEM's will tell you to go to Microsoft knowing full well Microsoft does not support OEM licenses Toshiba being the worst of the worst when in comes to tech support

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