windows ME bridge connection with ps3

By karambencommander33 ·
I have recently found out that I can connect my ps3 to my PC with a crossover cable and bridge an internet connection between the two. The only problem is that the examples I have seen have been on a Vista and a XP, I have a ME (Millenium Edition). I don't know if it is capable of receiving a bridge connection, and if it is how to do it? All I know so far is to go to conrol panel and network connections, but the ME control panel is much different. Also, I have a XP upstairs and I wouldn't mind buying a router if neccsary. Please help.

Videos explaining bridge process.

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Yes ME will support this

by OH Smeg In reply to windows ME bridge connect ...

With a proviso though. If you are considering allowing more than the PS2 and ME unit to access the Internet a Crossover cable isn't the right way to proceed, you would be better off with a cheap hub and straight CAT5 Cables.

What you do need on the ME Box is a LAN Connector which most likely wasn't built onto the M'Board when ME was new so you'll need to fit a Network card and install the drivers that come with the Network Card in the ME and any other computer that you have. A router isn't the best way to go if you are using it to share the Internet as all the computers & Play Station will have the same exposure to the Internet and all will run the possibility of a break in.

What you would be better off doing is to install 2 NIC cards in one computer and connect that to the Internet through a single Chanel Router then from the second NIC Port run a CAT5 cable to a HUB and share the Internet connection from there. That way the single computer will be exposed to the Internet and you only need install the software on one computer to protect your system.

As for setting up the LAN it's exactly the same procedure as what was listed in the first URL that you gave though you would be better off using the XP machine as the primary Internet Access Point and making a Floppy using the Network Setup Wizard and then use the floppy to setup the LAN. It's just easier and requires fewer directions to do that way. With ME if I remember correctly you need the Install CD to load the necessary drivers for the LAN and then you can start to setup the Local Area Network to do what it is that you want. But with a XP Floppy you should be able to bypass the messy bits that require the ME Install Media.


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Bridge XP/ME

by raymond In reply to windows ME bridge connect ...

I had been trying for months to use the 2nd network card on my desktop to allow my laptop internet access, till now, no luck! I read somewhere that bridging might work, & presto, for the first time, I have simontanious internet accsee for both units. There are some small things you must look out for, (1) The XP will make the bridge in MY Network Places/ View network connections. (2)Select both network cards by, selecting one, then holding down CTRL to select the other one. (3)Right click on either card, and select bridge connections! (4)Neither card must have a shared connection, you can go to the cards setup to remove file sharing. (5)When all is done, any time either connection is lost, to re-establish contact, Right click on the card with the red X, & remove it from the bridge! After removal it will re-connect; right click again,& use the Add to bridge choice!Good luck.

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