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Windows ME Problem

By whamii ·
Awhile back I had a customer bring me a computer that was running Win Me. She complained of a problem that stated that the Pc was shutting down becasue it was overheating. I proceeded to check the BIOS to see what it was reporting as the current temp. The temp was well within the specs. So I rebooted and recieved the same message (note: it was a message generated by win me). I then physically checked the CPU heatsink and it was cold, fan was running, and nothing else seemed out of place. After pulling my hair, cursing, and all but beating up the PC I fdisked, formatted, and reloaded Win ME. The instal went fine, no errors or stalls. When I rebooted from the install the message reappeared. So I installed win 98se with success. No message about overheating or the such. My question is why would ME do this? How else could I have fixed without switching OS's? May it have been a problem with the mobo?

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Windows ME Problem

-or- the CMOS is loading the defaults due to bad battery...

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by sgt_shultz In reply to

wait - the heatsink is staying *cold* to the touch? have you check to see that it is seated on the processor and has some heat sink compound in there?

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by abolante In reply to Windows ME Problem

SW-related issue: The problem was WinME itself. WinME was unstable and a poorly designed OS, and M$ knew that the minute they released it publicly. That's why M$ was so quick to release Win2K Pro, which more or less solved its predecessor's problems. M$ makes their money off of OS upgrades. HW-related issue: There are a number of laptops that are infamous for having poor cooling systems. Maybe the one you were working with was a lemon. Best to check the OEM support site.

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by husp1 In reply to Windows ME Problem

Have to agree with several others that the issue sound more like a hardware problem. I been using ME for 2 yrs. now and altho it is rather unstable I have never had any cooling issues. Perhaps you should look at installing 98 and running a hardware diagnostic program. if the temp is high after you get a succesful install you should try installing a copy of "Rain" or "Waterfall" since these programs are used mainly for overclocking most of the pre XP windows OS do not have these. From what I understand XP has "waterfall" built in. GOOD LUCK!!!

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by whamii In reply to

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by whamii In reply to Windows ME Problem

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