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windows password

By zasif007 ·
i want to discuss on windows password if any body has knowledge about password hacking so plz contact me

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Not likely here

by Tig2 In reply to windows password

This is a forum of technology professionals. As such, hacking of anything is not a valid topic of discussion. I am certain that there are other sites that you can go to for that kind of information.

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As Tigger pointed out, you've come to the wrong place.

by deepsand In reply to windows password

It's not there's none here who could help, but that we won't help. We've no way of knowing who we're helping, or what they will do with information that we provide.

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Sounds dodgy mate

by chris_atb In reply to windows password

lol like the guys before me said, not here i`ve been here for mere hours and i can tell this sites squeaky clean, you wont find anyone who will help with that sort of thing here

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"Squeaky clean"?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Sounds dodgy mate

We prefer "upholding the highest professional ethics" or some other lofty sounding BS phrase.

Welcome aboard, and thanks for not asking a hacking question on your first post. It's astonishing how often that happens. If you're at all interested in hang out here for long, be sure to update your profile. It lets other members know your background so we know how much detail we need to go into. Doing so also sends the message that you're at least half serious about participating here. A new member with something in their profile is more highly regarded than one with nothing.

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Ok, here is what I know

by w2ktechman In reply to windows password

A password is a security feature to protect data/accounts. It is set on an operating system user, to protect that users data from others.
Passwords can also be set on files in many programs. These are in place to keep people from seeing the data inside of the file, except for those who have the password.
Passwords are a pretty weak form of securiy overall, but they are effective most of the time.
Bad passwords can be a problem, same with easy passwords. An alphanumeric password is much stronger, and password length can add more security as well.
to break a password, it is easiest to ask the person who created the password, what it is. Once you have the password it should work just fine until it is either changed, or the password becomes corrupt in some form.
Breaking a password can be quite easy with the right knowledge, and can be done in several fashions, dependin gon the amount of damage you are looking to do. Since you are looking at the Windows Password, it seems that you want to go right to it.
At the ctrl -- alt -- del screen, press the buttons at the same time. Then type in the password for the user account that you are trying to access. If it does not work, take a flathead screwdriver and short out the keyboard. After the keyboard is shorted, randomly type several characters (note: it appears that nothing is happening on the screen).
It does not matter which characters, any will do. Next, plunge a phillips scredriver into the side of the case (with the front facing you, it will be on the right side). REMEMBER: it needs to go near the CENTER of the case to work properly. Also, this only works on desktop systems. For a notebook, you need to use a tazer directly on the motherboard after removing the keypad.

For an added feature, you should call the manufacturers helpdesk (even if it is out of warranty) and instruct them about your intent, and everything that you did to resolve he problem.

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You forgot to tell him to secure the HD read/write read with duct tape, ...

by deepsand In reply to Ok, here is what I know

so that the securities routines can't be executed.

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But that is for the advanced user,

by w2ktechman In reply to You forgot to tell him to ...

This person is a novice, so I avoided that part. Going this way will only get the user PW in question (not the admin PW or you would be correct).
And now, you need to tell us Which Brand Duct Tape works best for this feature!

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Why, DS Butt Butler, of course.

by deepsand In reply to But that is for the advan ...

After all, password cracking's a shitty job, so you may as well get the very best tools.

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I love it!

by w2ktechman In reply to Why, DS Butt Butler, of c ...

Now it needs to be added as a BONUS for the product.
A techies MUST HAVE duct tape!

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Slow work day?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Ok, here is what I know

I only ask 'cause I get slapped when a troll gets fed, and you put out an entire freakin' buffet.

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