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As a company we support over 100 clients with a mixture of different networks. Mostly though they have a broadband router and a number of PCs behind the router. We routinely need to remotely monitor these PCs. At the moment we are using a combination of LogMeIn IT Reach and RealVNC. But LogMeIn IT Reach costs too much to use on PCs which aren't on a maintenance contract and RealVNC is sluggish and not very functional.

We would like to use RDP since it is functional, free and is already on most of my clients PCs. But my problem is how do I connect to a PC that is behind a firewall? I know i can do port forwarding but that would be messy if there are a number of PCs. Since if I wanted to connect to a specific PC I would have to change the port mappings in the router each time.

LogMeIn uses their own software to get around these problems and RealVNC allows the PC runing the RealVNC server software (MyClient) to initate a TCPIP conection to a listening client (Me). Which means I only have to setup a port forward rule on my router.

So after all that the real question is how can I use RDP to connect to a clients PC, assuming that the client is actually sitting at their PC?

Thanks in advance

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by itsupport In reply to VPN-RDP

go to and sign up its a free domain name you download their software
which maps the ip address of your computer
that you want to access to a domain name
then you then you type the no-ip domain name in the remote desktop and connect

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