Windows Server 2003 rebooting randomly, many times a day

By smn723 ·
We have a windows server 2003 machine that has been restarting randomly (now about every 15-30 minutes) for the past few days. It was originally rebooting occasionally then it started rebooting all the time. We ran Microsoft's memory diagnostics program and the memory passed all tests multiple times. I tried using booting up using the last known good config and no luck. Any ideas as to what we should be checking? This is a very important server so we need to get it resolved asap. Both the primary boot and the boot mirror provide the same results (rebooting every 15-30 minutes). There are no errors in event viewer telling us what may have happened. The system doesn't go to a blue screen or any error it just goes straight to rebooting itself. I appreciate all assistance in this matter. Thanks.

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Random Reboot

by aureolin In reply to Windows Server 2003 reboo ...

Possibilities -

1) Temperature. Check the fans, clean out dust, etc. Also, check the temp sensors.
2) Hardware. Power Supply is the most likely culprit in this group, but memory, cpu and mobo can do this, as well as video or disk controller cards.
3) OS. Least likely of the three, but don't discount the possibility.

You've got a number of good suggestions in this forum - good luck, and let us know what you find!

Steve G.

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Another Possibility

It could also be a virus, like the one that was on my brother's laptop.

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Power Options

by eokoye In reply to Another Possibility

Check the settings of your computer's power options.

The hard drive may have been set to reboot/shutdown after X number of minutes.

If this is true, set it to "Never"

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Could be overheating

by mbyers In reply to Another Possibility

I had a 2003 server that would randomly restart. When built the fans were set to adjust speed based on the temp. of the CPUs. Once we turned off the fan optimization the problem went away.

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Battery Backup

by zues3976 In reply to Windows Server 2003 reboo ...

I had a similar issue, and found that the battery backup was rebooting the system randomly, if your battery backup is not a managed device I would recommend you unplug the serial or usb cable that runs to the computer to the battery. Your logs should show something about a reboot look a little closer at the applications that were running when the reboot took place. Hope this helps

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Check for the installed patches and updates

by In reply to Windows Server 2003 reboo ...

Please check the installed patches and updates in server. It may be the reason for frequent restart of machine. IF you found any recent updates related to that. Try to uninstall the same.

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by aaalvh In reply to Windows Server 2003 reboo ...

I got a reboot daily (not so frequent) du to the power default. Even green light on the mother board and network card seems OK. Try to change the main alimentation (low cost test around 60 us$ on my HP server and 5 minutes works).

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Server 2003 rebooting

by crwjoe In reply to Windows Server 2003 reboo ...

If the os is SMB 2003 then you have to set it up as a domin. I have ran into this issue before. SMB will keep rebooting every 15 to 30 minutes.

Hope that helps.

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More than one DC on a Windows 2003 SBS network?

by cgomezmt In reply to Windows Server 2003 reboo ...

That happened to me while running Windows 2003 SBS and Windows Server 2003 on the same network both acting as DC for the same domain.
Win SBS 2003 should be the only DC for that domain; if it is not it will restart every hour, then every 30 min.
You will see no errors on the Event Viewer but you'll see info messages telling you when server is coming down.

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Hardware issue

by dave In reply to Windows Server 2003 reboo ...

Sounds like a hardware issue. MS memory utility might not show errors but ram is defective anyway. I would just replace the ram to test. Use ECC ram for mission critical servers always. I have found defective processors do the same thing although not often. Replace power supply. The voltage levels may be dropping and check for any inoperable fans inside the case and for dust bunnies like other posters have mentioned. I say replace parts as opposed to testing them because tests does not always reveal problems. You might not find the problem in which case be prepared to migrate the app to another server. Good luck.

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