Windows Server 2003 Serious Problem, Doesn't Load

By ohm.paul ·
I made a serious mistake by editing some Security permissions on the C: and drives of my windows server 2003 server. After doing so, I restarted the computer, and now before the login prompt appears, it says that "At least one service or driver failed to load during system startup." Then, when I try to log in with the Administrator account, the login prompt goes away for a split second and then reappears, seemingly doing nothing. Also, Safe Mode performs the same way.

I imagine that crucial services are unable to load, and now I am in a very bad predicament. Does anybody know of a way to recover from such a situation? I have a system backup on tape drive, but I cannot get into windows to use it. I have tried loading the Windows Server 2003 R2 cds and loading them, and trying to "Recover the existing OS" but it tells me that I have no Hard Disks installed...(I have 5 hot swappable SATA drives in the Server).

Can anyone give me any kind of help? I am not really sure where I can go from here except reinstalling the entire OS which would mean losing some recent work...


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Install it on your computer then

by IC-IT In reply to No Remote Desktop

try to use it from the command line to access the server. Here was one example they gave from the article;

xcacls.vbs \\servera\sharez\testpage.htm /p "domain\group2":14
This command remotely connects to \\ServerA\ShareZ by using Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI). It then obtains the local path for that share, and under that path, it changes the permissions on Testpage.htm. It leaves the existing permissions of Domain\Group2 intact, but it adds permissions 1 (read data) and 4 (read extended attributes). The command drops other permissions on the file because the /e switch was not used.

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