Windows Update (not receiving)

By glenngor2001 ·
My OS is Windows XP Home edition, SP2. I have not received my regular updates from Microsoft for some time now. I regularly and routinely do housecleaning of my system about twice a week???

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Try switching the PC on is NOT helpful

by glenngor2001 In reply to Listen, either you want h ...

There is absolutely nothing wrong with "my ways" as you put it, but I think I speak for most people frustrated by dumb answers from people trying to be clever.

It is a "Technical" forum, and such responses as yours only wastes people valuable time, as we are originally expecting answers from those who are technically savvy, which you are pretending to be. Its like advising someone to "switch the computer on".

Therefore, we are all extremely grateful for creative and constructive advice. And, I don't believe you for one moment that you had an alternative suggestion, judging by your previous response.

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Listen up assclown

by jdclyde In reply to Try switching the PC on i ...

The two people you have just got done insulting are two of the top people for giving of their time and efforts to help people out. I just WISH I knew as much as either of them. Every week they are fighting to get more questions answered.

The number of "thumbs" is how many helpful answers they have given, and Smeg's numbers are only that low because he made a SECOND account to keep his first account at Six hundred and sixty six thumbs....

Before your punkass comes in insulting people, maybe you should find out a little bit more first.

A lot of people come here with NO computer experience, and as you did NOTHING to indicate an advanced level of experience, (with a position like "other"), we, unlike you, ASSUME NOTHING is to simple, and the simple solutions are ALWAYS the first you try. A free tip to you the next time you try to resolve an issue.

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Dont feed the troll JD

by Dumphrey In reply to Listen up assclown

I think he most likely wears fruit instead of socks and watches personal gym infomercials for "relaxation".
Also, I find the term "as$clown" offensive, could you please use "as$hat" instead?

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by glenngor2001 In reply to Listen up assclown

Yeah, and an obviously complete dimwitted muppett like you would know. You are so dumb, you completely miss the point, so its a waste of time trying to get through to the likes of total arseholes like you, so I'm just not gonna even bother....

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Well to be honest i do have a work-around for your issue..

"And, I don't believe you for one moment that you had an alternative suggestion".

That is for me to know (and keep), and for you to find out. But since you do not have any respect for the people on here why should i give you the answer, if the shoe was on the other foot would you?.

The people on here have more experience in the computer field than you, many have VBA or DOS coding experience, servers running Linux/Windows or Apple Mac.
So what type of field do you belong to?.
I have one type of field in mind that you belong to, but i will not post it on here. :)

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Its pretty obvious that this

by Dumphrey In reply to Well to be honest i do ha ...

"as$clown" has never provided support in an IT environment or he would realize that "is it turned on?" and "is it plugged in" are all valid, and common, questions and solutions...
Whatever the case, let the troll rot in his own electronic feces.

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Nice post Dumphrey.

I think he is looking for an argument, so that he can call it a victory on his behalf.
But let us not go down that road, or shall we. :)

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by Shellbot In reply to Stating the obvious

if your so frigging smart why didn't you think of going to microsoft and downloading the updates in the first place..
I think most of us on here would assume you were not exactly skilled if your asking that type of question..

obviously your just here to make trouble, as anyone with any brains would have said "thanks" even if it was a basic answer.

as JD says..@ssclown...

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The Pot calling the Kettle Black.....

by glenngor2001 In reply to Well..

D'uh Dummy. Read the thread thicko. THE WHOLE ISSUE IS ABOUT THE UPDATES FROM MS NOT DOWNLOADING, otherwise I never would have noticed a problem with them in the first place.

And, after having already explained that neither "Express or Custom" made little difference, then what does that tell you. Best not think about it too hard, eh!

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No, the whole issue is.....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to The Pot calling the Kettl ...

.... the fact that your original post did NOT explain what you had already tried. So, we started with the basic (and obvious) questions as a means of ascertaining what the problem might be. But, you took offense to us asking those questions and launched an attack on the whole community.

As a result of your own arrogance, you're left to figure out the problem on your own. You won't receive any kind of help from this group. Go pay for a support call to MS! Because, as far as we're concerned, YOU DON'T EXIST.



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