Windows Update (not receiving)

By glenngor2001 ·
My OS is Windows XP Home edition, SP2. I have not received my regular updates from Microsoft for some time now. I regularly and routinely do housecleaning of my system about twice a week???

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Wrong yet again

by glenngor2001 In reply to No, the whole issue is... ...

You wanna make sure you get your facts right before opening that big mouth of yours pal.
1. I DID NOT launch into attacking the "whole" community. I responded to "one" answer, then others started attacking me, sticking their interring noses in. I then defended myself.
2. What basic and obvious questions? There are none, but one, and even that wasn't a question.
3. You obviously didn't even bother to backtrack and read the original post, before mouthing off, just because I began defending myself against a barrage of unprovoked abuse from others interferring.
4. Who elected YOU as spokesman to speak for everyone else?

AGAIN: My single response was to one person only, then I get a bunch of idiots of whom it is no concern weighing in, when they don't even know the entire history of the issue.


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Shelly this one is so advanced

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Well..

That it doesn't know the difference between a Windows Update and a Manual Download from M$.

As it has said that they are the same they must be because I read it on the Internet. :^0

Now 'm off to work at HP as I work there too. Pity that I don't know anyone from that place or even support their products but as I read on the Internet that I work at HP I must. :^0 :^0

Col ]:)

Actually this one reminds me of the person who abused the crap out of me for suggesting that they place the Mouse Pointer on the Task Bar and drag it to the bottom of the screen while holding down the left mouse button. Apparently this was way to basic for it's needs and then the Id10t had the audacity to post back and claim that I didn't tell them to use a unused part of the Task Bar to click on.

On the one hand they abuse you for not being technical enough and then they complain because you didn't state the Bleeding Obvious that any 2 year old would know without being told. :)

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Or maybe he has not loaded Windows yet. :) :) :)

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HP, lol

by glenngor2001 In reply to Shelly this one is so adv ...

Well, don't get me started on hp. I gave up asking that bunch of incompetent idiots anything a long time ago. They just employ the very long term unemployed and uneducated to say the blatantly obvious and read from a script, (if they can read at all)

Why call these fools "technical support" if they obviously aint technical at all. It s a perfectly justifiable question???

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