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Windows Update Won't Work on Win 98SE

By hughward ·
This question was asked in 2003 by j.kappers@...
I have it now and none of the solutions i have found work, any ideas? Something in the Registry must need to be deleted/changed.

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by hughward In reply to

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by hughward In reply to Windows Update Won't Work ...

I know that WIN98SE can still access downloads. The problem is, that when you go to for updates, the correct window opens in the browser (IE) but a fraction of a second later it goes to (or something like that) and the announcement appears that WIN 98 doesn't have Administrator priviliges.

Something is being sensed by the windows update site that thinks I don't have Admin (which doesnt exist in 9. This is AFTER scanning for virus and malware, removing the firewall (Zone Alarm) and reloading windows over itself.

I think it's the Registry, or something the Registry is setting in IE, but can't find it
I got the system back running for the owner by downloading the patches from the corporaate site.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Windows Update Won't Work ...

OK backup your data including the stored E-Mail and Address book and wipe the HDD and reload. Yes I know it's painful but as you have obviously got something that is mucking up the system registry it's about your only choice.

You could try a registry scan/repair by downloading a 30 day trial copy of Iolo's System Mechanic {not the Pro version} as it has an AV program which will disable your existing AV program. You can try that and get a copy from

That may do something but I wouldn't be holding my breath. If you have a copy of Norton's System Works running Win Doctor would cure a lot of ills in the registry that are loaded by default when you install Windows but this is your next best option.


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by BorgInva In reply to Windows Update Won't Work ...

If it is still there, you should be able to access Windows Update Catalog once you log into the Windows Update site. The link should be there when you use Windows Update. The direct link sued to be:

You may want to consider either upgrading to XP or wait for Vista (Longhorn) to come out next year for your new OS.
Good luck.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Windows Update Won't Work ...

steady, men! boy, losing free support for our bootlegged software sure makes everybody grouchy.
your error is not due to MS's 'retiring' win98, it's just that you need to delete your temporary Internet files on the affected machine.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to

i just re-read your post and not think that you did not neglect to try my suggestion.
i bet it's zonealarm. removing the program does NOT necessarily unblock the ports imhe. which is why i do not recommend that program.
if you know zonealarm well, find and destroy the database it keeps of the firewall settings. then reboot and see how update does. otherwise, reisntall ZoneAlarm for a test. and open it wide up.
have you tried safe mode with networking. (tho i am not sure that applicable in win9

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by sgt_shultz In reply to

RE-install ZoneAlarm. ga 'head, try it...

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by Choppit In reply to Windows Update Won't Work ...

Two things I'd look into;

1) Check that your system date is correct. I've seen WU fail when the system date is more than a couple of months out.


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by serginho In reply to Windows Update Won't Work ...

Do you use a Proxy to access the net? I had this problem recently with Qbik's WinGate (when operating in NAT mode). It seem to be related to the new MSI V3 and the new MS download policies.

Resolved this configuring the client's IE to access the net via proxy instead of NAT in a first moment. Later, reinstalling WG also solved the problem with the NAT connection

Good luck

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