Windows Vista Remote Desktop.

By gpeterden ·
I am hoping someone could help me with this problem. I upgraded from XP Pro to Vista Ultimate. The problem I am unable to remote desktop to my work (County) computer. When I was using XP my company had me use Checkpoint SSL Internet Extender (VPN) through the web browser and remote desktop my work computer. Now that I'm using Vista, I am able to make the VPN connection using Checkpoint SSL Internet Extender, but unable to remote desktop my work computer. I tried connecting using my sons XP machine and had no problem with remote desktop to my work computer. Is there something special to making Vista remote desktop work once the VPN connection is made with Checkpoint SSL Internet Extender? My IT guys don't have any experance with Vista yet, the County just upgrade to XP a year ago. Please help if you can.


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Vista has a new RDP setting you need to adjust.

by georgeou In reply to Windows Vista Remote Desk ...

Vista has a new RDP setting that only works with Vista clients. You can adjust RDP under "remote settings" system properties in the control panel to "allow connections from computers running any version of Remote Desktop (less secure)".

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Same Problem

by mlightner In reply to Windows Vista Remote Desk ...

I have not been able to connect to my office computer ever since I upgraded my HOME computer to Vista Ultimate. My office CPU is Windows XP and the server is Windows 2000 Server. I have inputted the computer information as I did before. It then asks for my sign in information and domain and then it says that "This computer can't connect to the remote computer." For the life of me I can not figure this out. On the server we have the access granted for remote access. Clearly it works since my staff connects freely and I used to be able to when I had my XP computer at home.

Please help if you have som idea of how to correct this issue. My IT people can't seem to figure this out either.

I already spend too many hours in the office and without this access I will never get home.


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check this article out

by georgeou In reply to Windows Vista Remote Desk ...
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The article is great!

by mlightner In reply to check this article out

The article is great, however (unless I am not understanding), I am trying to connect FROM a Vista CPU TO a 2000 Server that will link me to my XP Desktop on the job. I am not connecting to a Vista CPU. Does this article relate or am I not understandng?


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You're trying to make a L2TP or PPTP connection to a Win2K server?

by georgeou In reply to The article is great!

You're trying to make a L2TP or PPTP connection to a Win2K server? If that's what you mean, you'll have to describe your environment in detail so that others may assist.

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Checkpoint SSL Internet Extender (VPN) and Vista

by tekjam In reply to Windows Vista Remote Desk ...

I seem to have the same problem. wondering if you have come across a solution/fix? Please advise.


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The problem might be in network connection

by boris.gomiunik In reply to Checkpoint SSL Internet E ...

I'm another one with the same problem.

I'm also using Windows Vista Ultimate. When connecting to the remote desktop to the server (Windows 2003 Standard or Win2003 SBS) from within LAN, I can connect.

But from outside I can't. It opens the connection for some seconds and then freezes and eventually looses connection.

With windows XP I can connect. Maybe some clue to this is also that my messenger also keeps disconnecting every couple of minutes and re-signing in.

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Was OneCare previously installed?

by EricLegault In reply to The problem might be in n ...

I never had problems using Remote Desktop from Vista to another PC over the Internet until I removed OneCare. I've seen this on 2 different PC's now, which is why I suspect it left some dirty little secrets behind. I couldn't get Groove to see other workspaces until I uninstalled OneCare, and I still had to repair some things.

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I have the same problem you have Boris ...

by zekefive In reply to The problem might be in n ...

... I've seen this on all of my Vista machines. It used to work fine up until a couple of months ago. RDP works fine on LAN, but remotely or over VPN is hangs when it starts to draw the desktop (about 2% of it).

My Cisco VPN client stopped working around the same time RPD stopped working.

Was there a Vista patch that could be causing this?

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by zekefive In reply to I have the same problem y ...

Check this out from another site ...

re: Vista Remote Desktop Connection
Hello all,
I finally found the answer to why I have been having connection problems using my Vista workstation with Remote Desktop trying to connect our 2003 terminal server.
After first connecting to the terminal server and logging in successfully to the session, the login screen moves really slow, painting the display one pixel at a time and finally just locking up all together.
Because of Vistas low initial setting on it's Auto Tuning feature I had to create a new shortcut on the desktop. Enter the command "cmd" as the shortcut command.
Right-click on the shortcut and select "Run as Administrator".[You will be put in a DOS box]

Type "netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled"

[You should see a successful message]
I had to create the shortcut and use the run as command even though my user was an administator equivalent. Not sure why, but it worked.

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