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Windows vs Linux

By rkuhn ·
Ok, these discussions are out of hand.

Anytime there is a discussion of Linux vs Windows, without laying down some background, it is almost impossible to have a meaningful discussion.

For example, there are substantial differences between rolling out Linux in a business environment vs rolling it out to a home user with minimal PC skills vs rolling it out to an experienced IT home user.

I'll start 3 threads to reflect this and let me hear the arguments.

For example, for a inexperienced home user, I don't want to hear about "cheap" printers when it comes to drivers. Let's face it, home users buy cheap printers...that's a fact of life.

Conversely, in a business environment, you do have time, money, etc for a roll out whereas in a home environment, you don't.

Let's agree to some variables. Corporate environments typically have time to train, get support, tweak, whatever.

Home users typically just want things to work, buy cheaper and more generic components, etc.

Let's hear your opinions now...

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Look before you install

by X-MarCap In reply to Difficult Installation

If you look for supported hardware and configure your machine accordingly you shouldn't have a problem. Most recently ther problems I ran into were SATA drives and new video cards that weren't in the primary distribution.

The basic stuff you get on servers tends to be much better supported. (You don't need a high end graphics card to be a console.)

The newest hardware is often three-six months behind getting working drivers for the UNIX environment. Many of us who write the drivers are doing it in our copious free time. My wife and 4 kids lay claim to much of that. The good old SCSI hard drives,EIDE or ESDI seem to work fine. Use a 16 MB video card and they are basically all supported. Buy a 256MB G-Force that was released last friday, and it may not be supported for a while...

For a while SATA nada... Now I hava a SATA raid.

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At one time you could return Windows

by Starderup In reply to not exactly a reply but m ...

They used to have a clause in the license agreement that if you didn't open it and didn't accept the license agreement that you could return it for a refund.
I think they quit doing that because so many people took them up on it.
Really, I can't understand how their practices are not unfair and don't violate US laws.
My first day on the job supporting Windows 3.1 we had a special meeting announcing that we no longer offered Doublespace. It was now Drivespace. Turns out Doublespace was reverse engineered from Stacker. They didn't even steal the right one. Stacker got much better compression than Doublespace.
Learn about Microsoft, if you don't anger easily, and then lose it. Linux rocks.

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Your Comments

by rkuhn In reply to At one time you could ret ...

And your comments are just so professional, offering zero evidence, facts, statistics, etc.

Hey, thanks for contributing absolutely zero to this debate.

While I may disagree with apotheon or jaqui, at least I value their input.

Opinions are like rear ends, apparently.

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Fact is, Microsoft pled guilty.

by Starderup In reply to Your Comments

If you don't like the facts, I can't help it.
MS did admit they reverse engineered Stacker. Then they bought the company. These are facts.
If you want to try to find stats that prove that MS is better than the operating systems it is copied from, go ahead. It will keep you busy and out of trouble.
The only stat I pay attention to is that I have never seen a Linux or Unix box crash. Ever. Not once.
If I had a dollar for every Windoz crash I have endured, I'd literally be able to retire today.
Those that have hitched their wagons to the Microsoft star often have a grudge, and I am not going to be able to help them.
I can say that as a former support person that took Microsoft calls, I saw enough of this organization that I decided I wanted no part of it.

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Linux V Windows

by wbarrett In reply to not exactly a reply but m ...

good Question,
You are right, you don't need a license for linux since you can download it for free from most providers except for Novell and some newer Version of Redhat,,,but debian and Slackware are is on your own unless you buy a licecnsed copy....So the anwser your looking for is YES you can...Dell needs to get a clue. Just buy the system and tell them you dont want OS...they tried that when we asked for a quote for new servers

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buy a licensed copy?

by Jaqui In reply to Linux V Windows

When you purchase a "Boxed Set" linux, you are actually buying some commercial applications, and support, as well as printed, distro centric, install book(s) not a license for linux.

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Linux box

by speleoalan In reply to not exactly a reply but m ...

Walmart was selling a Linux computer at one time for $199 Also you can buy linux system from Hewlett Packard. Probably are hundreds of OEM builders that will sell without an OS on the hard drive.

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One more variable

by sudhindrashamanna In reply to Windows vs Linux

I think there is one more clarification required here. Are we talking about desktop OS or a server OS. Most of the discussions I have read on this topic always assume that we are talking about desktop OS. Looking at the options here it appears you are also talking about desktops. Am I right?

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Desktop vs Server

by issinho In reply to One more variable

I have been reading some articles on Linux for a school project. They all seem to agree that Linux has won the Server wars. I'm not saying that one is better than the other, just that my research points to Linux over Windows in the server arena.

However, the Desktop is another story. Windows has held the monopoly on Desktops for a long time. So, that is where most of the arguments and issues reside today.

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I'm sure you'll get hundreds of replies

by Crake In reply to Windows vs Linux

I, for one, am tired of the Windows vs Linux argument.

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