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Windows vs Linux

By rkuhn ·
Ok, these discussions are out of hand.

Anytime there is a discussion of Linux vs Windows, without laying down some background, it is almost impossible to have a meaningful discussion.

For example, there are substantial differences between rolling out Linux in a business environment vs rolling it out to a home user with minimal PC skills vs rolling it out to an experienced IT home user.

I'll start 3 threads to reflect this and let me hear the arguments.

For example, for a inexperienced home user, I don't want to hear about "cheap" printers when it comes to drivers. Let's face it, home users buy cheap printers...that's a fact of life.

Conversely, in a business environment, you do have time, money, etc for a roll out whereas in a home environment, you don't.

Let's agree to some variables. Corporate environments typically have time to train, get support, tweak, whatever.

Home users typically just want things to work, buy cheaper and more generic components, etc.

Let's hear your opinions now...

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by NZ_Justice In reply to oh really

TerryRu045's argument has as much meaning as yours, they are of equal meaningfulness. Have you ever used, WSS? Office? or .net? If you have and are using these in business, than you can understand the benefits. Are you under the illusion that because you don't use them they aren't good, or is it you just hate M$ no matter what. If you don't understand what the word "powerful" means go to this should inform you.

And you have not supported the alternative's available in Linux, just bitched about the poster reply, now how good an argument are you presenting?

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spurious garbage

by apotheon In reply to really

That's not any kind of good argument. "Oh, I assume you don't use it, so you can't possibly know what I mean, which means I can safely make my point by saying if you used it you'd understand." Great. Lovely. Wonderful. Now give me some kind of technical argument.

You imply that my argument has no meaning, but I didn't make an argument. I asked for someone to say something meaningful rather than parroting advertising literature. Vacuous statements like "This vertically integrated vendor lock-in stack is powerful!" don't mean squat where the rubber meets the road (so to speak).

I have indeed used Office and .NET, and while I have not used SharePoint Services, I have researched it to some extent. Guess what: these things don't really do anything special.

I have a fair amount of distaste for corporations like Microsoft that engage in anticompetitive business practices, but I don't let that affect my opinion of the technical merits of what they sell. Unlike some people who seem unable to separate the technical characteristics of something from personal or ethical issues with its vendor, I am fully capable of realizing that Microsoft being an organization worth boycotting doesn't make the .NET framework any less useful for developers. Of course, you can get the same thing with Mono, the open source implementation of the .NET framework develpment tools, which runs on other platforms than Windows.

I know what "powerful" means. I don't see how it particularly applies here. For something to be "powerful", it must compare favorably with something else that is not "powerful", and there has to be some definable characteristic that grants it this "power" of which it is "full". I could say that the GPL is "powerful", but without explaining that I mean it is socially influential, that doesn't mean jack to someone that doesn't already know what I mean. I could say that Vim is "powerful", but without explaining that I'm talking about its ability to enable increased productivity as opposed to, for instance, the ability to display italics, you probably wouldn't agree with me (since you seem to be a fan of MS Office). Can it get any clearer than that? Don't be a condescending jackass about something just because you want to disagree and have some kind of emotional investment in believing that vertically integrated Microsoft stacks are somehow intrinsically wonderful.

I wasn't looking to argue that Linux is better with that: I just wanted some clarification about what the **** the previous poster could have meant. Don't put arguments in my mouth. Get a clue.

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re. spurious garbage

by NZ_Justice In reply to really
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bad hardware?

by lalala In reply to Giving Linux Another Try. ...

check your hardware.

you're being tested. maintain composure and persistence.

otherwise, i just think you're cursed. it's not the OS.

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RE: Windows vs Linux

by hk165 In reply to Windows vs Linux

I read on this debate someone saying that windows is the best OS mainly because it got PC's in the hands of the public or something like that. Anyway i have somewhat a unique idea of that statement. Doing the windows vs linux argument is like going to school. You start off in kindergarden then you move up. Thats the way this one goes. You start off in wondows then once you graduate you go to Linux. The same goes for AOL and going to an independent ISP. That should satisfy at least a few people, Bill

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Stated Another Way

by rkuhn In reply to RE: Windows vs Linux

I started off in kindergarden (DOS), went onto grade school (Windows 3.1), middle school (Windows 95-98), high school (Windows 2000-XP), and then went away for college.

While at college, I experimented with drugs and alcohol (Linux) and then grew up and went on to graduate (Vista).

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and another way

by apotheon In reply to Stated Another Way

You skipped higher education altogether and went into business as a legally questionable public entertainment interface services engineering entrepreneur -- Windows XP, Vista, et cetera. In common parlance, you became a streetwalker and started prostituting yourself. Good thing you use condoms and get tested for STDs regularly, to protect you from viruses and other infections, with that sort of promiscuous operating systems. Me, I'm in a steady relationship with a responsible, safe, and sexy significant other, and don't have to pay to see her naked: free unix.

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Another Way

by rkuhn In reply to and another way

And your sexy significant other is hard to understand, has hundreds of near clone like brothers and sisters, hangs out in all kinds of public places just waiting to give herself away for free, and performs great on old, crusty equipment...maybe that's why you like her so much!

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sure . . .

by apotheon In reply to Another Way

. . . except your extension of the analogy doesn't translate well in valuative terms. So, whatever.

I get the impression you're trying to be insulting rather than raise any salient points. I'm not terribly surprised, considering the way you've been trolling for flames already, and throwing mindless criticism at anyone that doesn't agree with you.

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Totally Wrong

by rkuhn In reply to sure . . .

Even after I had so many issues with Ubantu, I'm now downloading Mandriva or whatever it is called.

You recommended it, I'm trying it even after half of the links from were dead.

I don't give up. I will learn Linux for better or worse.

I am open minded and I will continue to try.

However, I do probably come across as negative since I have been constantly attacked in this discussion.

Regardless, I see merit in both OS's. You, however, only seem to place any value in Linux so perhaps you are the closed minded one.

Maybe my next discussion will be all about my adventures (good and bad) trying to install, learn, and use Linux.

And I, will never result to put downs on those that ask me questions about Windows. Any Linux users out there that need help, I'm always available unlike the many Linux users in here offering zero support for my trying of Linux.

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