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Windows vs Linux - Home

By rkuhn ·
Scenario - Cheaper/generic components, no experience with anything but Windows, little to no support, time with job and family more important than fixing PC, ability to obtain a wide variety of software (taxes, games, office, CD-burning, DVD making, security (AV, antispyware, etc), replaces PC maybe once every 4-5 years, dialup and broadband users, etc.

Let's hear your opinions. Hey, it's the "typical" user who likes Doom, Barbie games, surfing the web, sending emails and making CD's from their MP3 collection.

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Similar Issues

by rkuhn In reply to Problems

Same here except for it was the wireless NIC and printer.

I put in about 4 hours into it and gave up. Nothing in Windows (driver wise at least) takes 4+ hours.

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that's because

by Jaqui In reply to Similar Issues

microshaft pays hardware makers to only write drivers for windows. they must or hardware makers would write device drivers for all operating systems, after all, 60% of servers do not have ms os on them, so they are losing 60 % of the market.

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Mixing and Matching Facts

by rkuhn In reply to that's because

First of all, we're talking about home products, not servers products.

Second, do you have proof or are you just making a statement supported by no facts?

Third, why should a manufacturer make drivers for an OS (home market) that is what, less than 10%?

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why would

by Jaqui In reply to Mixing and Matching Facts

any hardware manufacturer NOT make drivers for all operating systems for thier network cards?

currently only dlink does make linux drivers for thier network cards

ati and radeon are now making drivers for linux for thier video cards.

hp makes drivers for thier printers.

every other device is driverless until the open source community buys something with that device in it and reverse engineers a driver for it.

the real point, device drivers are not an os issue, they are a hardware manufacturer issue.

4 billion computers in Asia, of which 2 billion are running linux, that is 33% of the world computers using linux.

guess the simple fact that only in the us and europe is windows on top in the pc os market never sinks in to those who blame the os for hardware manufacturers failures.

btw, windows xp does not drive hp's all-in-one devices very well, it loses full function every 30 days, with ms supplied drivers. the hp supplied drivers for linux drive it perfectly.

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Once Again...

by rkuhn In reply to why would

Once again, you ignore one simple fact.

This discussion was referring to home users. The average home user could care less whether or not it is an OS issue or a hardware issue.

If the product doesn't work, it doesn't work.

Windows is a "system" built around widely available and support products. They have spent years making virtually anything and everything compatible out of the box...aka, for the average home user.

BTW, we have at least 100 HP printers here at work and I have never experienced the XP full function loss that you speak of. Where are your facts or evidence?

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the hp psc

by Jaqui In reply to Once Again...

that was given to me by a client because it wouldn't work in his windowsxp home system.. every 30 days the printer fails. only repair possible, delete and re-install.
I got a neighbor with xp pro to test it, same thing happened.

put it on my linux system, not one problem with any function.

ahh, I guess that the home computers in Asia don't count? China is 75% linux
India is 50% linux
most "3rd world" countries are using linux not windows.

the Soviet Union was unix / linux not windows, most countries from it still are.

Europe, North America, South America, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Taiwan are where windows is prevailent. And a lot of Europe is moving towards linux in the business area, meaning people will be used to it and using it at home as well. [ not to ignore the fact that 70% of linux developers are living / working in Europe. ]

The area where linux is more common is 66% of the world population.

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Jaqui, in all seriousness,

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Once Again...

(I think HP's drivers suck like a 15-amp Oreck vacuum. They're bloated with unnecessary apps and tray icons, but that's beside the point.)

For conversational purposes only, I'll accept your world usage figures at face value. Here's what I don't understand:

If Linux is so widely used in third world countries, and is available for free, why do people in those countries keep loading bootleg copies of Windows and compatible proprietary apps? Apparently they perceive either some shortcoming of open source, or some advantage to Windows and proprietary apps that make it worth paying for what they could get for free.

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by apotheon In reply to Once Again...

Make up your mind. Are they loading bootleg copies, or are they willing to pay for Windows?

Frankly, unless and until I see some sources for Jaqui's data, I'm going to remain skeptical of those numbers. I know that Linux is more widely used in many other markets than in the United States, and I know that Linux usage is certain to be much more widely used than most people on TR think (because every legal copy of Windows is recorded in statistics and the vast majority of Linux installs is unknown to statistics gatherers), but it still looks like some of Jaqui's statistics are a little inflated to me.

Regardless, his ultimate point stands up: Linux is not the market nonentity as which it is painted by the Microsoft FUD shovelers. There are easily enough Linux users out there to justify developing drivers for hardware vendors, especially since greater driver support would create more such users, thus further justifying that support.

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to Once Again...

They are loading bootleg copies they have purchased on the black market at a price well below retail. Not everything bootleg is free.

I'm skeptical of MS's reports of the size of this problem, but I'm sure it does exist. I assume we don't have anybody in TR who can answer the question "Why buy bootleg Windows, however cheaply, when you could install Linux legally and for free?" I can only conclude it is because the user wants to run applications that require Windows.

Bill Gates probably isn't going to pursue the question too deeply, since it would make the interviewees aware of their alternatives.

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to why would

"why would any hardware manufacturer NOT make drivers for all operating systems for thier network cards? ... every other device is driverless until the open source community ... reverse engineers a driver for it."

Why SHOULD a hardware manufacture pay someone to create a driver when the open source community is willing to do it for them? No profit in writing a driver for s (currently) limited number of users, and cost savings not having to support it.

The home user often doesn't have a clue what a driver is or does. He just knows he tried Linux and some things that worked with Windows don't any more. Since it's a toy, not a tool, he has no reason to continue the attempt.

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