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Windows vs. Mac - Challenge: What Software

By boitsfort ·
In a lot of discussions and forums, people discuss the Mac vs. Windows war: how good is one and how better is the other. Very often, Windows fans claim that Mac's world lack the applications.
Let's have a challenge online right here. Please nominate any application for Windows and the challenge is to find equivalent (or same) for Mac. The focus I propose is on Home computing. I'm not talking about specific business apps.
The goal is not to find the same application, but an application that will achieve same or similar results.

Windows fans, please shoot first. Mac fans, please respond quickly.

And let's enjoy the (friendly) fight.
My bet is that no application (should say function) will be absent from Mac's world and force a Windows buy. let's see...

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Linux GUI

by Choppit In reply to I would just like to poin ...

IMO Linux has (or can have) all the desktop functionality of Windows but not yet I'm sorry to say the stability of the Windows GUI.

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out of touch a bit

by apotheon In reply to I would just like to poin ...

Macs aren't what you remember, apparently. With the advent of MacOS X they've gained significantly in flexibility, stability, and functionality in general. They're not just graphics workstations any longer.

Linux has great scads of desktop functionality. What absurdity is this claim that it doesn't? Try backing that up with at least some examples of stuff it lacks as a desktop system.

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I agree

by Deejay54 In reply to I would just like to poin ...

Took the words right out of my mouth.

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in that case

by apotheon In reply to I agree

You clearly don't know what you're talking about.

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Apple Cheata

by freddo212 In reply to You migh have a point

Apple cheata (the newest apple opperating system) are built
with the cappability of accepting ALL programs designed for
windows, which means you get the sleakest designes and the
most options, and, as well as that you get everything in ONE
box, My 10 year old son set up my Imac G4 with internet, it
so easy, particularly with an inbuilt modem. I remember
when we had a PC we had to hire 3 technitions to get it set
up whereas with a mac, you just take it out of the box and
plug it and go...

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Macintosh - not the problem

by phil In reply to Windows vs. Mac - Challen ...

I have a Mac at home, and use XP at work.
When web browsing on the Mac, and trying to fill out a form, I HATE it when you have to reach for the stupid mouse to click the drop down box for the State. On windows, be it Iexploiter or Firefox, you can tab into the field and cursor down. On the mac, tab just skips over the drop down boxes. This is just one example of how Mac software is "harder" to use than windows. It seems like Apple is just so proud of the mouse that they want to force you to use it.

I use Safari, Firefox and Explorer on the Mac, depending on which one will not crash on the particular website I am visiting.

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Outlook/Exchange Suite

I have yet to see an end user friendly alternative to the Outlook/Exchange server suite. This includes not only email but calendar and contacts sharing as well. I would love to see a suitable alternative, whether it be for Windows, Mac or Linux.

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not relevant, but I'll answer anyway

by apotheon In reply to Outlook/Exchange Suite

He asked for home use. Anyone running Exchange at home is insane, or otherwise outside the realm of this discussion. Anyone not using Exchange doesn't need Outlook (and there are alternatives anyway).

That aside, however, check into Open-Xchange, at -- it's pretty much an exact duplicate of MS Exchange in terms of available functionality, including providing the ability to (with a relatively small expenditure of capital) provide a standard MS Exchange style application interface. Unlike MS Exchange, you can pretty much just use the mail and/or calendaring application(s) of your choice.

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Acid 6.0

by Ronin701 In reply to Windows vs. Mac - Challen ...

I dabble in electronic composition and I like the ease of use of this software, you just drag and drop your loops and then paint them into to the over all mix, very cool. In fact it's the only program that has kept me from going fully unix, (and those silly MS only to have my BF2 and UT2004 fix <G&gt.

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Garage Band

by bfepistle In reply to Acid 6.0

Garage Band is the Mac's program for editing MIDI music and loops. I'm not familiar with Acid (although I've certainly heard of it), so I can't testify to correspondence between features.

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