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Windows vs. Mac - Challenge: What Software

By boitsfort ·
In a lot of discussions and forums, people discuss the Mac vs. Windows war: how good is one and how better is the other. Very often, Windows fans claim that Mac's world lack the applications.
Let's have a challenge online right here. Please nominate any application for Windows and the challenge is to find equivalent (or same) for Mac. The focus I propose is on Home computing. I'm not talking about specific business apps.
The goal is not to find the same application, but an application that will achieve same or similar results.

Windows fans, please shoot first. Mac fans, please respond quickly.

And let's enjoy the (friendly) fight.
My bet is that no application (should say function) will be absent from Mac's world and force a Windows buy. let's see...

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None at all

by Ronin701 In reply to Garage Band

Garage Band is for recording and editing. Acid has prerecorded loops that you drage into the workspace allowing to create your composition by mixing and matching.

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Garage Band comes with prerecorded loops you can drag and drop

by charles.fair In reply to None at all

The first time I used Garage Band that is exactly what I

The above mp3 is nothing but loops. I have never used
Acid but assume it's similar.


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Garage Band

by freddo212 In reply to None at all

Garage Band was created by the same programers as sony
Acid, like all of Apple's programs in Ilife the aim was to creat
a user freindly symple way of getting things done, And by
the way, Garage band does have loops (1000) to be precise,
and the creative scope is amasing, I know some composers
who wright traks for games who use it. Garage Band the
latest version of garage band does everything that acid does
and more.

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MS Access

by C_Tharp In reply to Windows vs. Mac - Challen ...

I work with MS Access. It is a simple DB solution with a lot of potential. Don't climb on the soapbox. I don't think it's the best.

Recently, I bought an ibook and I'm looking for something similar to run in the Apple environment.

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ms office equivalents, including access

by crabbyabby86 In reply to MS Access

normally ill stay far away from win v mac debates, but i ALWAYS admit that MS office is a ripoff when openoffice hasn't failed me yet. i havent tried it on a mac (because i stay far away from macs, too), but i would imagine that the openoffice database program works well enough.

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by GordonK In reply to ms office equivalents, in ...

There is a MySQL database edition for Mac OS X, but it is a more advanced tool for a simple database processing such as Access.

BTW - It's a smart idea to stay away from such discussions There is always an application that you get in one and not in the other one... The important part is that you can do a most of what you would do in all these systems. Sometimes it just depends on what you really need to do and whether you can accept visions of system designers.

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I agree, hardware and OS are irrelevant

by ed In reply to ms office equivalents, in ...

If you want more choice in hardware, you build or buy something that is going to run Windows. Then you pick what software you want to use, such as OpenOffice or MSOffice or Premiere or Final Cut.

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FileMaker Pro & Bento

by MacintheHouse In reply to MS Access

Yeah MS still has not made Access for the Mac. Why? Three guesses.

FileMaker Pro has been on the Mac for years. Originally made by Claris. Apple spun it off to be it's own corp I think when Steve came back. It is probably Access' biggest competition ... it's also Windows. Works cross platform very well.

I have done a fair amount of developing with it. It also works directly with Excel on the Mac for importing/exporting data, graphing, etc. Much more user friendly than Access IMO.

Filemaker Pro was a Mac app from the beginning and is more graphically oriented and WSIWYG. Whereas Access is customized more behind the scenes with menus.

Filemaker's consumer version now out called Bento. I haven't tried Bento but it's priced right.

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by Taggalucci In reply to Windows vs. Mac - Challen ...

An incredibly useful DVD backup tool. Whilst I am aware it is possible to backup DVDs on the Mac using various tools in a multi-step process, I am not aware of a tool that provides this in a single step with the same ease of use as DVDxCopy.

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by duane.wills In reply to Windows vs. Mac - Challen ... Writer for documents Calc for spreadsheets Impress for presentations Draw for graphics Base for databases Math for formulas
Mozilla or Mozilla Firefox for web browsing
Mozilla Thunderbird for email

All run on both platforms. All run the same on both platforms. All handle files from native apps on both platforms (where applicable). All free. What do you want?

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