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Windows vs. Mac - Challenge: What Software

By boitsfort ·
In a lot of discussions and forums, people discuss the Mac vs. Windows war: how good is one and how better is the other. Very often, Windows fans claim that Mac's world lack the applications.
Let's have a challenge online right here. Please nominate any application for Windows and the challenge is to find equivalent (or same) for Mac. The focus I propose is on Home computing. I'm not talking about specific business apps.
The goal is not to find the same application, but an application that will achieve same or similar results.

Windows fans, please shoot first. Mac fans, please respond quickly.

And let's enjoy the (friendly) fight.
My bet is that no application (should say function) will be absent from Mac's world and force a Windows buy. let's see...

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I want a Windows machine

by ed In reply to Simple...

95% of home PCs run on some flavor of Windows. That results in more choice in software, hardware, everything. There is really no comparison and no point to this debate anymore. It's just hardware and it's just an operating system. What do I want? I want the one with more choices and a FAR larger user base... a Windows based PC. Stay in your very very small niche if you want to. I will move on with my life and just get done what I want to with my computer. Photo/graphic work, video editing, games, it does it all, I don't think about the fact that it runs Windows, I just use it.

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lots of stuff...IM etc...

by mattboreland In reply to Windows vs. Mac - Challen ...


I came across this thread whilst hutting to solutions for being a mac owner.

I have a new intel imac at home. I mostly got it for iChatting with the folks. In hindsight i shoulda gone PC and done Skype. Or at least bought a cheap mac to sit in the corner.

So what software? Deep breath....

100% functional/compatible instant messaging for mainstream can do...and i mean 100%!

MSN Messenger Mac: no winks, no audio, no video
Yahoo: no audibles
If you're thinking Adium...text only, can't do custom emoticons, no audio, no video
What about aMSN?: no audio, no winks.

Sure iChat looks nice (limited emoticons) but i only know 4 people i could chat with using iChat. So really not much benefit there. No sense having an IM that none of your friends use.

I prefer Firefox...cross platform etc. But still some things i've found only work on IE. IE for mac is several versions to old. I mostly get by with Firefox, which is good. I gave up on Safari very quickly,

Office suite:
For basic use sure Mac/PC MS Office is compatible. But if you're using high level functions eg visual basic especially, then the incompatibilities come thick and fast.
Sure could use OpenOffice (downloading to try it out), but the reality is MS Office PC is what is standard at work, and i'd rather use natively compatible, i don't want the risk of finding that i can't open/edit something when i least need the drama (i thought MS Office Mac would do that but doesn't).
So now i have MS Office PC running under Parallels...which doesn't do much for total cost of ownership on the iMac.

Nothing is compatible with Outlook files. OK that's an MS issue, but hey, OSX is not core business for them, i'm surprised they do anything for OSX.
Before you mention O2M...tried looses data. Besides i don't want to migrate away from outlook (standard at work), i want to work "with" it in an OSX environment. Oh i forgot there is Thunderbird, but it doesn't have the full suite of Outlook functions...yet.

Windows explorer:
Sorry, but Finder is rubbish with very little flexibility. Oh yeah i can get something like pathfinder, but given that WinExplorer/Finder is one of most used applications, shouldn't it work "straight out of the box", why should i have to pay extra. Can't do folder/tree view with preview thumbnails, no filmstrip equivalent

Play Casio AVI:
Works on Windows as standard. In OSX...nope. Can use VLC, which i do, but the movies don't show up in preview, or iPhoto. Yes i've downloaded the component for my "no need to download drivers" iMac...worked for about 10mins, now not.

Without doubt my favourite most useful program. Actually when i found that it was available in Mac version, i figured i might give mac a go...the iMac is a pretty box afterall. Alas Mindmanager for Mac is not full featured...for all the functions i have to use the full featured Win version under Parallels. Sure this could be said to be a software developers problem rather than an OS issue, but it's symptomatic of using a minority OS.

Sync with my phone:
I have a motorola E680i. The software for syncing contacts is PC only, can't find anything for OSX. But given that all my contacts are in Outlook it wouldn't help anyways.

The Latest Version of almost anything:
...always comes out waaaay after mac...the OS of tomorrow, the software of yesterday. Again the down side of a minority OS. And in truth, i don't really find it vastly better than working under windows, mostly just prettier, and i spend most of my time trying to find replacements for software that i can't get on OSX.

I think the real question to be asked is, what software on mac can't you get for windows?
Mac is all fine for basic home-computing and some nice eye candy. I bought my parents a mac and it was the perfect choice for their first computer. But at beyond that i run into incompatibility everyday. I can't wait until my new PC tablet/laptop turns up and i'll have a full section of software again.


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great program for mac

by jimlahey1 In reply to lots of stuff...IM etc...

hey man...for mac there is a program called qnext that lets you im, share files of any size, and video/audio chat, between anyone you want, regardless of if they are using mac, pc, or linux. its very cool, fast and secure.

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