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Windows Vs. Novell - Who is better? Why?

By Bratt ·
Alright it's getting to be about that time where we are re-evaluating our server software and getting ready to upgrade or change what we are using. Currently we have Novell 4.11 and it's been rock solid, but (don't get mad Oz) I need to look at what is right for the company as far as integrating other software and ERP applications, the users, and TCO figures. Opinions anyone? Why Windows or why not, why Novell or why not? No this is not for a college paper this is for my research I was asked to do for work. I need to hear from others with hands on experience what their opinions are and why they think what they do.

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WOW they are allowing you to do research

by James Schroer In reply to Windows Vs. Novell - Who ...

We were not allowed to research that choice here. The question was asked... What is erveryone else doing? And becasue of all the groups our company is with they came back and said M$. So the big wigs in the company said we have to move to M$. That was our research. I would of LOVED to keep a Novell server as my backend. That way I would only have to reboot it once a year, if that and every one would still be able to log in while I was doing work on a M$ application server. But now that we are all M$ I have to reboot the servers about once every 2 months and that doesn't include the patching and testing I have to do on them just because of the OS! So if you already know Novell I would recommend using that on your back end but be advised that if there is an issue with it the resources are limited and may be expensive. BUT that is IF there ever is a problem. M$ on the other had is cheap getting support but the question is how much support, testing and patching is it going to take to put you over the edge?

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