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Windows Vs. Novell - Who is better? Why?

By Bratt ·
Alright it's getting to be about that time where we are re-evaluating our server software and getting ready to upgrade or change what we are using. Currently we have Novell 4.11 and it's been rock solid, but (don't get mad Oz) I need to look at what is right for the company as far as integrating other software and ERP applications, the users, and TCO figures. Opinions anyone? Why Windows or why not, why Novell or why not? No this is not for a college paper this is for my research I was asked to do for work. I need to hear from others with hands on experience what their opinions are and why they think what they do.

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The SAP and the CRAP

by secure_lockdown In reply to Not as of yet . . . but

it's all fine and dandy - but who will implement it for you? and how much will it cost? and have they done anything like this before? are you going to be their little "lab rat" and pay *them* for experimenting their idea's on your company?

ah... decisions... decisions..

here a tip - if you don't have anyone or don't know of anyone who can implement this for you - don't be a shmuck - go Microsoft.


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not a technical question

by awfernald In reply to you are right.

It's an opinion question. For a technical question I agree, however, this person is trying to get real life answers, from real life experience so that he/she doesn't have to learn from their own good/bad experiences and millions of dollars.

Real life experience is a tad bit difficult to glean from the web/manuals/faqs, experimentation in a case like this is expensive, and maybe the skilled friends don't exist, or are too biased towards one side or the other.

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You hit the nail on the head

by Bratt In reply to not a technical question

Your right everyone I know and have spoken with can't give me an opinion based on hands on experience exept for one person. I could read books and manuals all day long big deal that isn't going to give me the answers I am looking for. I want cold hard facts from people in the industry who have experience with Microsoft and Novell not book worms who have never implimented nothing more than an OS on a desktop computer.

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BIASED? HERE? Say it isn't so

by jdclyde In reply to not a technical question

All you have to do is look at any of the MS - VS - Linux discussions to see where so many people have their heads so deep in the sand they couldn't give you an objective answer if their sheltered lives depended on it.

Just because you know how to do something with one system doesn't mean that is a good system or the best system.

Download the free trials of the Novell and play with it. They also have been offering FREE half day seminars on the new Novell on SUSe which covers installation, basic config and operations.

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Both have benefits, but Suse's not new technology

by Oz_Media In reply to Windows Vs. Novell - Who ...

First of all,for a small organization, Novell usually works best as it is more reliable and a solid investment (as you know by running 4.11 still).

Windows is popular and.......Windows is popular and...

NOTE: With a Novell server, I would recommend Novell Linus Desktop (Which is Suse based)as opposed to Suse 9.2. Both use the KDE desktop now version 3.3 wich is far mroe compliant and faster than 3.2)

For a VERY large organization I would recommend Novell as it offers encyption and more security out of the box, handles more simultaneous logins and processes than MS could ever hope to achieve with a boatload of servers.

Yu can also add MS servers for specific tasks as needed and retain your NOvell platform as a solid and reliable backbone.

Also, spend some time reviewing the NEW Novell, although the apps are still limited to somewhat basic versions, they are improving and moving forward at a strong and steady pace.

ERP, although they haven't a solid solution for many organizations without a lot of code rewriting, there are some ERP solutions available.

Novell exteNd, Red Carpet or E-Directory permit flawless MS and Novell management/access no problem though, just keep your existing ERP platform/hardware behind it if you wish, again all under the security blanket of Novell.

In four MS-Novell conversions I did last year, none have complained, service/support calls are way down and users had no migration problems or learning curves that were hurdles.

It looks, feels and works just like Windows on the desktop.
Try it for yourself:
Suse 9.2 Live C

Novell Linux Desktop 9:

I was doubtful of supposed "new" technology (new being a two year old merger of companies that have been around for many years)too, I rolled it out while sweating something fierce, new hardware and all, after convincing a company to do it.

I had a rave review, even users loved it, less reboots and hangs, they recommended it to a partner company who also loved it. I then sold another client and that ended up as a 26 location rollout all over Vancouver Island.

No problems

I was not a Linux fan and always thought it was hard to get used to and would screw up the way of life for users. I also thought that all Linux flavours were the same.

I have been proven wrong by actually testing and implementing it without seeing the issues I was told I would face.

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don't do it

by secure_lockdown In reply to Both have benefits, but S ...

don't do it. don't light the gasoline with your matchstick.

btw - do you have stocks in novell or something?

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Great post with no relevant countrt, just NO. Whatever! Try it one day.

by Oz_Media In reply to don't do it

I have just heard enough from naysayers like yourself and only been proven wrong with each install.

Hans on experience is what drives my opinion, not thought, preconceived ideas or weblogs, forums etc.

Tried it, against my own judgement, and had no problem. Tried it again, again no problem. Tried a MUCh bigger install, again no problem.

Finally tried a large multibranch install all VPN'd and VoIP'd together, STILL no problems.

I have had more problems just updating NEC TAPI drivers in Windoze than rolling out chainwide Novell Linux.

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Thanks Oz. .

by Bratt In reply to Both have benefits, but S ...

Thank you I knew I could count on you for a educated opinion. And thanks for not killing me for mentioning Microsoft.

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But you can count on his 'spin'

by dafe2 In reply to Thanks Oz. .

though can't we.?

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you sure can....

by secure_lockdown In reply to Thanks Oz. .

Thank you I knew I could count on you for a educated opinion. And thanks for not killing me for mentioning Microsoft.

Oz can also do your plumbing for you and promote your kids alternative rock band and make him a millionaire. Oz is of many talents.


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