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Windows Vs. Novell - Who is better? Why?

By Bratt ·
Alright it's getting to be about that time where we are re-evaluating our server software and getting ready to upgrade or change what we are using. Currently we have Novell 4.11 and it's been rock solid, but (don't get mad Oz) I need to look at what is right for the company as far as integrating other software and ERP applications, the users, and TCO figures. Opinions anyone? Why Windows or why not, why Novell or why not? No this is not for a college paper this is for my research I was asked to do for work. I need to hear from others with hands on experience what their opinions are and why they think what they do.

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Trust me OZ

by dafe2 In reply to Actually I was answering ...

** I may have edited my original post while you answered so you may want to read it again :-)

I know WTF I'm doing with MS. I also did not say your Novell comments where wrong. I agreed with them based on what YOU said.

I don't agree with the MS stuff you said - period.

You seem to know what your doing with NOVELL & I have NO real experience with it, nor will I bother researching something your familiar with.

I'm not 'implying' anything -> I know my s.hit with MS.....believe it. Now relax willya. ;-)

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I answered you. . .

by Bratt In reply to Actually I was answering ...

First of all I am not a guy! Second of all I did answer one of your posts. We have Novell 4.11 running on a p-3 which is older than dirt. Our ERP has serious issues in performance and the company who makes it says it's because of Novell. We currently have a total of 50 users and four servers. We run Windows 2000 Pro on users systems and I am testing out XP. Two of the servers are basic Windows 2000 Pro that we use for small things and the other is a linux box for the ERP. If we decided to change the ERP software out and go with something like Great Plains it would work best with Microsoft SBS. We also need to alow our mobile users to see the network drives so they can work more effectively from home. Did this answer your questions?

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Yes........I know Bratt

by dafe2 In reply to Actually I was answering ...

That comment of mine didn't 'sound right' appologies. ( That includes referring to you a 'guy' :-)

I think I got Oz a little wound up...

I was just saying that we where speaking in general terms........

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That's my whole point though

by Oz_Media In reply to Actually I was answering ...

NO I am not an MCSE, but I have configured and designed many MS/Novell/Unix mixed shops. The comments i found echoed my own feelings from my experiences, I didn't include what I hadn't experienced myself.

You also mentioned something in your last post to Bratt "I was just saying that we where speaking in general terms........"

But we are talking about a speciic application, not general terms, that's my point.

I am not getting pis*ed at all, if I disagree and offer MY opinion is that now considered getting pis*ed?

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by Oz_Media In reply to Actually I was answering ...

NOvell's i-Folder will solve OS many mobile users issues and do it efficiently as it only updates what is changed instead of a full upload of all documents everytime. i[Folder SOLD me on thenew Novell by itself, I work allover the place and it is alfesaver, not to mention easy on bandwidth and upload restrictions from ISP's, thus reducing usage costs.

I have also run into issues with Great Plains on a Novell server, but it was due to the vendor customizing it and only for MS. They tried to make it mroe Netware complaint (though based on Unix) but it didn't work right until upgraded to Novell Linux. Prior to that, it would merely open in windowed mode. About 400 X 300px

That's the vendor's issue and MS's limitation though.

In order to mass sell product it has to be engineered to work WITH a MS environment, although loosely do to restricted access to source code.

People that make software that IS Novell compliant ensure it works seamlessly and resoucefully with it. Thus resulting in more stable software in the long run.

I would say you should do some research and see what you can et for or with Novell, most peoplehave no idea what's actually available as they are swamped by MS compatible offerings form sales peopleday in and day out,thus making it seem the only choice.

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I was just teasing you Oz

by dafe2 In reply to Actually I was answering ...

I get a kick out of your (for lack of a better word) protective you are of Novell/Linux. I'm the same with MS.

I was only teasing because I expected your response. You knew damned well I'd bite at that MS crap. :-)

I was talking with 'Bratt' in general terms, not trying to resolve anything. How could I possibly offer anything more? However, any comments I made where in fact from my REAL experience knowing I've only worked on or with about a hundred Novell/MS (Integrated) shops. Not nearly ennough to speak intelligently about NOVELL alone.

I respect your Novell & real world skills.

I can tell the difference between MS FUD & MS (real) deficiencies & I too will address them in the required manner.

In this case it was BS & it didn't deserve much more than a offense.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Actually I was answering ...

Nobody filled me with MS BS, and I didn't slam MS in anyway. It was a comparisson based on what I have seen, what others have seen and what I have experienced in those mixed environments.

But I'll remember to fire myself, or better still only use MS where it makes sense.

NOTE: Comments in my comparisson wer mostly OUT OF THE BOX comments, yes MS does offer SOME tools to do some of the tasks, but at a cost and another license! At THAT point it looks bleak as a viable or cost effective solution, as opposed to a mixed environment.

To save yet another post that is going nowhere, it's NOT all BS if it is first hand experience is it?

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Then I call a spade a spade Oz

by dafe2 In reply to Actually I was answering ...

That may very well what you've experienced with MS Based Servers............but from where I sit, it's not the norm. Sorry about your luck & your fired.

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It's usually the inhouse MCSE's

by Oz_Media In reply to Actually I was answering ...

They are the ones who are constantly sayng it can't be done, or MS doesnt have that or else wading through a knowledgebase to get it do work as expected.

I knw, know you will say they aren't good MCSE's, in actuality many have been VERY good MCSE's flown in form the US as MS engineers and with direct contact to MS.

Novell does it too though, but they fly out engineers that can actually MAKE things work as you want them to, not as they are supposed to.

I find Novell offers more flexibliity, security and works fine with less demand for hardware, you just keep plopping it on the same server without the need for multiple server environments for email, files erving, printing etc. More robust with a lower demand.

I don't think ANYONE can argue the resourcefulness between the two, it's obvious right on the side of the box.

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Yo, Bratt

by secure_lockdown In reply to Actually I was answering ...

50 users is nothing. i got 3000.

given, you have a relativery small user base, and you already runing netware 4.x, you are a prime contender for open source. one good knowledgable linux/unix sys admin can keep you going.

i don't think you should give novell your money. redhat have been in the business a lot longer and IMO should are a safer bet. you could also look at other "real" open source alternatives.

huggs & kisses, :-0

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