Windows XP and W2K

By murphyhouse130 ·
My "new" Dell had Windows XP Home. I replaced it with W2K. Now I want XP Home again and tried a clean installed following directions I got from another the Dell site. W2K is still on and running; but when XP boots up its got 4 colors/terrible resolution and minimal drivers. I'm in over my head. Suggestions. Thanks, pat

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Reload Drivers?

by brounds In reply to Windows XP and W2K

When backwards migrating you may have to find appropriate drivers for Win2k. I had to find new graphic card and sound card drivers that were already in XP but not in 2k.Try your hardware manufacturer's website.

Hope this helps.


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Try the DELL site.

by johns In reply to Reload Drivers?

Your problem is definitly being caused by the system drivers.

Dell has all the original drivers at their web site, but what they don't tell you until you read everything and then call them at least twice is that they have to be loaded in a specific order. You must load the system drivers first, then the video, sound and LAN in that order for things to work. Then you can load any other stuff like printers CD/DVD burners, etc.

Each of these is a seperate download from

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Go to

by Dumphrey In reply to Windows XP and W2K, click the drivers download icon on the middle left of the page. On your computer is a service tag and express service code number, could be on the side or back, its usually a small black plastic sticker. Enter the service tag number and click go. Download the right driver for your video card. To check what driver, on the XPHome machine, right click on My Computer and choose Manage. In the new window that opens, choose the device manager icon omn the left panel. On the right hand panel you should see a list, choose the display adapters icon, and expand it by clicking on the plus sign. See what card is listed. Now, on the Dell site, download the driver for XP for the card listed in Device Manager. You will probably need to get several other drivers, such as sound card.

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2k and xp

by hardy.holland In reply to Windows XP and W2K

I did the same thing. A laptop(Micron) with Win 2k added Xp Pro and ended up with a dual boot machine, ok but I was trying to overwrite the 2k version. Finally reformatted drive externally and reinstalled Xp Pro. Or partition and add Xp Pro on second partition.

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Windows XP and W2K

by kate In reply to Windows XP and W2K

Go to Dell's sight and get most recent video/graphics drivers.

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Dell Master

by cballinger In reply to Windows XP and W2K

First, from the sounds of it you are a newbie, nothing wrong with that but, find someone in your office or a friend that can help with the following to help speed the process and reduce frustration. Then have them help you do the following:
1. Check the boot seq on your PC and set the system to boot from the CD first then the HD.
2. Find your master CDs from Dell and you should have a system restore for Windows XP
(WARNING) if you have word documents, pictures, etc. save them to a floppy, thumb drive or CD, because the hard drive is going to be formatted and you will lose everything on the hard drive so back up or save any documents you don't want to lose.
3. Insert the system restore CD in the computer and turn it on, with the system set to boot from the CD first it should see the CD, boot from it and it should walk you through the restore. If asked to format the HD do so, don't do the repair option.
4. This should put the system back the way it was when it was delivered and install all the drivers, applications, etc.
5. The problem with the 4 colors/terrible resolution you are experiencing now is that the video drivers are not installed for your video.
6. Once the system is up and running, go back into the BIOS and reset the boot up sequence to boot from the HD first so your system boots from the HD, then CD, etc. or whatever sequence you want so it comes up faster.

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Windows Update?

by wacker In reply to Windows XP and W2K

If you are able to get online, go into the device manager, find your display, click properties, drivers, update drivers, let Windoze search for an update, check include Windoze update in the search. It may solve your problem....

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Back to Windows XP Home

by Lost Cause? In reply to Windows XP and W2K

Did your PC come with any cd's? One of these will be the drivers disk. Use it to load drivers. First and foremost is to load the Chipset driver. Then most of the Hardware wil plug 'n play.

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Format HDD

by bernard_sinai In reply to Windows XP and W2K

Try formating the disk before doing a clean installation. Make sure you have made a backup before doing this.

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the best way to do

by jeremiah2911 In reply to Format HDD

yap.. the best way to do is to format HDD before a clean install. In addition, try to partition your HDD even if you only have 40GB.. for 80GB say into 3 part, have 1 FAT32 format. I used the FAT32 drive for my image backup. after i'm satisfied with my system/software installation. i run norton ghost to backup my C: drive, so that when troubles come i can easily restore the system. oh by the way.. the second partition is for my data/backup storage.. nothing to worry if i format my C: drive. : )

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