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Windows xp frozens

By eduardo (PT) ·
My problem is as follows:
The operative system that I use, is windows xp pro. As you probably know, this operative system has been victim of several attacks from many worms that are spread over the internet.

My problem is that my computer is constantly attacked by a worm called 'The Thing'. This worm, attacks on local TCP port 6400, and makes windows almost impossible to control by the user(not even Ctrl-Alt-Del works :S ).

I?m tired of this, and I would like to know, which Microsoft article talks about this issue, and also which is the patch that we have to install, to take care of this problem.
I have used a firewall for a few times, has a way to "survive" to that threat while internet connected, however, firewalls seem to give me traffic problems with my filesharing programs, even after correctly configured.
I have searched microsoft site for the resolution for this problem a couple of times, but i wasn?t sucessfull
Can someone help me, by telling me which is the patch to apply?
Also if someone knows a way to tweak windows register, so that port 6400 becomes blocked, that would also be a possible solution.

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