Windows XP installation/ data issues

By rafezetter ·
Hi all - I've had a look around on the forums (although most of it I didnt understand) and tried a solution, but that didn't solve it... so here goes..

My "normal" installation of XP kept on getting BSOD during loading - I couldnt catch the error to see what it was. After several attempts to fix it - I decided to do a reinstall without formatting the partition as I'm desperate not to lose the stuff in there including irreplaceable photo's files etc (yes yes I know...). Ok so now a new windows XP runs as a basic build, BUT I can't see any of the data from the previous install. The partition this install is in says it has 256gb out of 260gb free so it's not in here (or is it just not being recognised..?), the other partition at first wasn't even registering, after going into control panel and the storage part of admin services I could see the partition but it hasn't been assigned a letter, and just says 205gb of free space.

However..when I boot up I'm still being asked which version of Xp I want to load and when I try the other one I get the "....hal.dll" error. When I tried to do the recovery from the XP disk it only gave me one (1) choice instead of the two (2) I'm seeing on bootup, so I don't know if I'm able to do the fix that way as I can't tell which one is being offered.

ok all that explained I need to know two (2) things: can my previous install be fixed? OR and more importantly can the data/ files from the first install be recovered in any way? Even if it means buying a new HDD and installing a new XP onto that and sending the borken HDD away? I REALLY hope the data has not been "lost" or otherwise become irretrievable (and yes I'll backup from now on..*sigh*)

If anyone is able to help in ANY way - I'll be very very grateful, feel free to ask for email details etc if u need and I'll try to answer any question as best I can.

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Also when you reinstalled the OS XP

by OH Smeg In reply to Clarify a little

Does it include the SP2 Service Pack?

If not try installing SP2 for XP which you can get here

Load SP2 if it's not already loaded and see if that helps.


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re: SP2 pack

by rafezetter In reply to Also when you reinstalled ...

Hi - yes the XP home retail I have does have SP2 built in, I've been wondering if I should go ahead and get all the updates SP3 etc, but I'm worried it might write new data over the old stuff that (i'm hoping, soooo HOPING) is still there, although technically I've already blown that, as I've had to reinstall a cpl of things simply to keep me going whilst I figure out / try things ...

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It's just that the older versions of XP prior to SP2

by OH Smeg In reply to re: SP2 pack

Didn't have large Disc support. They couldn't read any HDD above 137 GIG. SP2 also included some Security Updates which can affect the way that the system reads partition Information so if you have SP2 included in the Install Disc that's all you need at this point in time.

I suggested Knoppix because it reads all Partition types where as some of the others do not. but as you've got a start I'll leave yo to go for it.


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re: disk management

by rafezetter In reply to Clarify a little

Hi - thanks for taking the time to read and reply, I originally didn't assign a letter, tho I now have and it keeps asking me to format, which so far I have ignored and left it alone in case some data is there - it shouldn't be, but right now I'm feeling like the proverbial "longtailed cat in a room of rocking chairs" and I'm being ultra cautious until I either get results or find it's beyond hope...

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