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Windows XP Invalid Key

By catsforus ·
Hi I need help with WinXP Professional with SP2. I recently ran a check for updates on Microsoft Web Site. It cam back with the new update wizard to be installed. I did this and when I ran update aging it asked to validate my WinXP Version. I accepted this and it then came back with validation failed, invalid key. I then download a few utilities to check my key and it is the same as is on my OEM Windows Professional installation pack.

I have now tried the following.

Start by changing one of the values of the Registry Key specified below to any number 0-9 or character A-F. Changing any character will do - it doesn't matter which one you change or what you change it to.
Key: Software\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\WPAEvents
Name: ODBETimer
Value: just change one of the entries as mentioned above
What this will do is deactivate the copy of Windows. Now click Start, Run, and copy the following into the Run box:
%systemroot%\system32\oobe\msoobe /a
When I run the above script it brings up the registration window and just tell me product already resisted? I have also tried a few utilities that are supposed to change the key and these did nothing as well.

Any Ideas?

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Easier yet ??

by beachboy11 In reply to Easier yet.........

Which ver of IE do you have? IE6.01 doesn't have any setting like yours under "programs." IE6 just
has Internet Progams that work with IE. Is the manage add-ons somewhere else??

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Heart of the matter

by Realvdude In reply to Take a look here

The article certainly explains why the validation fails. I know that MS is not preventing access to security updates because of a failed validation, but it seems to me that disabling the check is allot like a ostrich sticking it's head in the sand. If you know your key is legit, contact MS support. I read that if you have proof of purchase and the media, they will give you a new valid license and media copy.

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One Solution.....

by JohnTFitzpatrick In reply to Windows XP Invalid Key

One way to not have this problem, is to open "Inernet Explorer", select "Manage AddOns..", from the tools menu, find "Windows Genuine Advantage" in the list, highlight it, and select "disabled". You will need to quit and restart IE, and you will get a warning about a disabled control, which you can ignore, but windows update will work fine...

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by KiwiPaul In reply to One Solution.....

If Microsoft think I am going to pay for another copy of XP they are very much mistaking. It is because of stuff like this I am shifting over to Linux and am taking my customers with me. A majority of them are quite happy for me to use install Linux on their machines and me train them in its use.
Well Microsoft you have just lost over 300 customers a year.
Its time to let MS know we wont take their crap any more.
One more thing, this genuine advantage was "cracked" within 12 hours of being released and so was Vista. More and more people are turning away from MS. Its time they woke up !!!

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Enough Of Microsoft

by barracuda771 In reply to updating

I'm with ya KiwiPaul...I have a couple customers that have been having trouble with their CD/DVD RW's since installin the SP2..and others having trouble with USB periphals. I talked to a Customer Support Rep at Microsoft to get the hotfix and he told me that if the problem wasn't a major issue just to wait until SP3 was released. I told the Rep my customers have spent good money for their software and it wasn't good business to make them wait to use it. He transfered me to Tech Support and I was on hold for over an hour. Never did talk to tech support!

This is what I'm supposed to tell my customers? I don't think so...I takin my customers to Linux so there ya go just lost a bunch more...and you can keep your fix!

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MS Solution

by Redskin In reply to updating

Well everyone has their solution on how to get rid of MS off their
systems. I like mine as well APPLE. I have Apple server with
unlimited clients package, and where ever possible Macs are on the
desktop. At least it is secure, STABLE, flexible to manage, and
user accoutns can be locked down to the enth degree.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it Billy Bob Gates

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by catsforus In reply to Windows XP Invalid Key

Great thanks for this advice it worked great. There were however a few extra things needed after this. I had to reinstall some of the drivers and run repair on MS Office 2003 as well. It was however not such a major deal compared to having to reinstall Windows and the all the other programs and setups.

The funny thing is I phoned Microsoft as well and all they could tell me was to return it to the vendor and have then reinstall Windows.


This error is displayed on machines where the product key that has been used to install Windows is known to be used heavily on pirated versions of Windows XP. Service Pack 2 will not install, if you wish to check if your product key is genuine visit

Product IDs that matches one of the following (where X is any numeric value): XXXXX-640-0000356-23 XXX or XXXXX-640-2001765-23 XXX will be blocked from installing the service pack as they were blocked from Service Pack 1 (Click here for how to view your product id). If you have brought what you believe to be a legal version of Windows go back to where you purchased it and ask for a legal product key.

In order to install SP2 you will need a legal version of the Windows XP Edition you are currently using, insert the CD
into your drive before Windows loads and boot from the CD (may require this function to be enabled in your computers BIOS). Once Windows XP setup has begun press Enter to start setup and press F8 to agree to the EULA. Select the current windows install to repair and press R. This will give you the ability to change the pirate key with a new legal retail key.

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Customer care ??

by lastchip In reply to

So much for Microsoft customer care; don't call us, we'll call you.....

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Customer Care

by catsforus In reply to Customer care ??

Yip this is what they told me when I phoned the first time. However I must say they did phone me back to tell me I will have to take it back to the supplier. Not much help that was.

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