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By .Martin. ·
I currently have two computers (both windows XP SP2) connected to cable internet through a Netgear RP614v4 web safe router, which was working perfectly until last week.

It started with a momentary blackout, which left my router not working (I know everyone is going to tell me to get a surge protector, but for what the router is worth, there is not much point.) half a week later, we had some really bad weather (125km/h wind) which gave me multiple blackouts, and, like normal, my router started working again, (don't ask me why, it just always seems to do it.)

now my real problem is this: my second (newer) computer will no longer connect to the internet. now there are some odd occurrence with this, the light on the router shows up, meaning the computer is connected, but the router does not say that the router is connected when you look at attached devices in the settings. also whenever I turn the computer on, it tells me that the network connection has 'limited or no connectivity' due to an nonrenewable IP, and when i look at the values for the connection, it shows up the physical address, an old IP address that is nothing like it should be (it comes up as, an old ip address, rather than, as it should.

any help would be greatly appreciated, as it is nearly impossible to get on the other computer, (and it is tediously slow).

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by ryan.johnston In reply to still not online

When using the static IP can you acess the router setup page? also can you connect to the other computer's file shares?

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static IP

by .Martin. In reply to Question

no I can do neither

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by ryan.johnston In reply to static IP

I personaly would try reseting the Router to factory defaults, then acessing the CP with your other computer enter your previous configuration for WAN login and everything. Then turn off the DHCP service on the router and asign both PC's a static IP. Turn off windows Firewall. on the old PC you should now see the internet connection showing in the All Connections page, and with a bit of luck once you disable and then re-enable the connection on the new PC you should see it on it aswell.

It was only the router that sufferd during the power outs right?

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by Jacky Howe In reply to still not online

At a command prompt change directory to BCD and then type in the file name that is says to that it needs.
filename 'bcd cdromsi'

You also haven't mentioned if you have tried another card. I am running out of suggestions. The card may have copped a hit as well.

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by .Martin. In reply to OK

sorry but I am still a bit confused.

the last step ( says: 'When you're done customizing, you open a command prompt, change to the BCD folder and run "bcd cdromsi" to build your ISO image and burn it to your CD writer (if you have one).'

would you be able to tell me what to type in command prompt??? (with the files in C:\bcd, or wherever you prefer)

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by Jacky Howe In reply to Sorry

Click Start and in the Run box type in cmd and press Enter.

Type in cd\ and press Enter.
You should be at C>

Type in cd\bcd and press Enter.
You should be at C:\bcd>

Type in bcd cdromsi and press Enter to build your ISO image and burn it to your CD writer.

Make sure that you have a CD in the Drive.

I haven't tried this yet but from my reading it looks like it should create the iso and burn it on the fly. If it just creates the iso you can use Nero to burn it to CD.

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not the network card...

by .Martin. In reply to Check this


got the boot CD working today, and with a bit of difficulty, the diagnostic program, and as the title suggests, it passed all the tests...

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What and how

by Jacky Howe In reply to not the network card...

is the old computer connecting to the internet. Is it through the new modem. How is it connecting to the modem. What OS is on the Old Computer. If it is XP go to a command prompt and type ipconfig /all> C:\ip.txt

That will give you a text file to be able to read and use to setup the other PC with a Static IP.

< also check the manual that came with the modem>
It should tell you the settings that it needs.

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If your IP is 169.XXX.XXX.XXX

by ComputerCookie In reply to not the network card...

then you have a problem with your network.

If your Router has been reset this means that the default settings are used, thus there is no NAT. You need to change these settings.

Either logon to the router or contact either ISP (Telstra or Optus).

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