Windows XP Pro Installation Freeze

By ccu_geometro ·
Just recently I've tried to install Windows XP Pro on a friends computer. First thing I did is removed all his partitions and created an NTFS partition and formatted it in WinXP Setup. Installation goes through almost smoothly, then at 7 minutes left, halfway through the Saving Settings bar, it freezes, no response from mouse keyboard ect. Ive tried this over 4 times, it freezes at the exact same spot every time with 7 minutes remaining. Ive searched for problem this but most people seem to have it freezing at the 30 min. range when installation of drivers occur. I would really appreciate some help. Thanks

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Check The Drivers and Bios

by the_webninja In reply to Windows XP Pro Installati ...

I have had this Problem, with an IBM NetVista, using an Intel MotherBoard with an Ambios Bios Chip.
I went through the same Process Trying to Figure it all out, and talked to a bunch a people about it.

I was Convinced it was a Messed up Bios Driver. But the people at Ambios assured me that it was not the Bios Drivers and they insisted that it was Intel's Motherboard Device Drivers which could not be detected by XP. So what you have to to is First get the Motherboard Model numbers and Manufacturer. Then you have to use a different Computer to Download the Device Drivers for that Motherboard. Then when you are installing XP there is a Place where is Says "Click to install RAID Drivers" I think you can use this to Install your Motherboard Drivers prior to the Setup of XP.

Check with the Motherboard Manufacters.
But I decided with the Computer I had this Problem with that I would just Buy another Motherboard. I Found a used Server motherboard at Evertek for only $40 bucks, and I can stick 2 1 GHz Chips in there and have Twice the machine with half the Problems I had before.

I recommend junking the Motherboard, but that's just me. I would rather support companies that make my life easy than to Pull my hair out trying to make Garbage Work right.

I hope this helps you.

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USE Mcaffee Rescue Disk First

by the_webninja In reply to Windows XP Pro Installati ...

I just remembered I had another Computer a long time ago that had a Problem like this that would kick off the CD Rom Drive at the Driver installation point in the Set up Process which would cause it to Freeze up.

I Fixed this Problem by first enabling the Bios Virus Detection in the Cmos, and it detected a Virus. I then Scanned the Computer from a Clean Boot by shutting off the Computer and sticking in a clean Floppy made with a Clean Computer, containing Mcaffee Rescue software on it, and it detected and cleaned the MIB Virus which is embeds itself in Track Zero of the Harddrive, but it also can reside in the Memory so it can copy itself to any Floppy or any other Drive you have. But if you shut off the Computer it wipes it from the Memory. Then you Boot with a Mcaffee Disk and you can clean it. For more info about this Virus visit the Mcaffee Website.

I hope this Helps.

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XP Instalation freezes

by dshurtz In reply to Windows XP Pro Installati ...

I think it needs more RAM 1 gigabite is not to much

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PROBLEM SOLVED! I Know Why! Been There Several Times!

by AT Computers In reply to Windows XP Pro Installati ...

I Was Loading Windows XP Pro SP2 On My Mother Computer And It Freezed Up at 6 Min. Remaining. BAD SECTORS on HARD DRIVE will cause this! REPLACED HARD DRIVE! Normal installation Went Well. Same thing Happened the other day on my buddies Laptop. I Swapped Hard Drives And Fixed The Problem!

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Use Spinrite

by harvey.bernstein In reply to PROBLEM SOLVED! I Know Wh ...

Before you go out and buy a new hard drive, purchase a product called Spinrite from

It uses a self booting cd and will either fix bad sectors or mark them bad so operating system will not see them.

Good luck.

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cong to u

by wilson_hoe In reply to PROBLEM SOLVED! I Know Wh ...

this is the common error in doing services line. normally we advise user to change hard **** older then 2 years. Most of the pc user of my client, does'nt know how to maintance their pc and install some kind of p2p software which are the main cause.

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Seen same problem on a new HD

by Noprisoners In reply to Windows XP Pro Installati ...

I've had the freeze problem you described, I clocked down the bus speed in the bios to 100MHz, just for the install only, which then worked fine, afterwards, reset Bus speed back to normal.


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Hard to tell

by stuoutlaw1 In reply to Seen same problem on a ne ...

When the install goes that far it's usually done with the cd for the install part(copying files etc as they should be in ram by this time) and I've Found the hard drive to be the culprit a number of times in an install that fails that late

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Narrowed Down

by ccu_geometro In reply to Windows XP Pro Installati ...

Thanks for the help guys, I narrowed it down to the hard drive and/or memory, It might be memory, but I've tried with one stick, and alternated with other, both didnt work alone either, even in different RAM Slots, but then again that could mean that they are both corrupt. Im going to reformat, and install WinXP on my PC later using his hard drive. Ill keep you guys posted.

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It was bad memory for me...

by nradisic In reply to Narrowed Down

I had the same issue...trying to reinstall Windows XP Media Edition, I had repeated freezes at 28 minutes. I tried every suggestion under the sun and the last thing I tried was taking first one memory stick and voila! I had to go back and reinstall from scratch, by erasing the partition with the original re-install and starting from square one, but once the bad stick was removed the installation completed. It took me days to get to this point...

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