Windows XP Pro Installation Freeze

By ccu_geometro ·
Just recently I've tried to install Windows XP Pro on a friends computer. First thing I did is removed all his partitions and created an NTFS partition and formatted it in WinXP Setup. Installation goes through almost smoothly, then at 7 minutes left, halfway through the Saving Settings bar, it freezes, no response from mouse keyboard ect. Ive tried this over 4 times, it freezes at the exact same spot every time with 7 minutes remaining. Ive searched for problem this but most people seem to have it freezing at the 30 min. range when installation of drivers occur. I would really appreciate some help. Thanks

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Upgrades have this issue also...

by mikifinaz1 In reply to Windows XP Pro Installati ...

I ran into this issue with two computers that both makers said shouldn't have an issue. I also contacted Microsoft about the problem and all they were able to do was scratch their heads.

My opinion is that the driver setup feature is failing for some reason, even with drivers that the OS should recognize and install.

I had to dual boot the machines or do a clean install for a positive install. I had a third machine that I had to drop kick the install three times before it would take.

Talk about the run around, Microsoft jacked me around even after I explained the issue when it came time to get a activation code. One of the reasons I am shifting to Linux before moving to Vista. Sorry, Microsoft I don't want to go where you are going.

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A solution

by faust In reply to Windows XP Pro Installati ...

Had this problem today... I swapped out drives thinking I had a bad drive, same issue with a new drive.

The solution:

Eject the Windows XP install CD from your CDROM and watch it complete.


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works perfectly

by sbyrd07 In reply to A solution

yup, sure enough eject the cd and it will finish the countdown.. i registered just to post this, it really does work! i couldn't believe this when i read it and i couldn't believe that's all it takes to fix the problem. tried reinstalling windows 4 times.. just take the cd out..

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Hard to believe.

by edwardhorne In reply to A solution

Was having a similar problem and sure enough ejecting the cd seemed to fix it. Ejected right when it started the last step.

Also registered just to say that it had worked for me.

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Thank You, Thank you

by jschmidt In reply to A solution

I just wanted to say thank you. I have been trying to load XP SP2 on 2 different machines and 3 different hard drives for the past 2 days with the same problem and your solution took care of the problem

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Thanks!! - Never would have thought of that one

by thats_mister_bob_2_u In reply to A solution

Also registered just to drop a thank you.

What a weird fix, thanks for the idea though


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no kidding this totally works.

by haohaowan2 In reply to Thanks!! - Never would ha ...

so simple, i never thought of it, stumbled upon this and works.

i hhad it stuck at 9 minutes with everything going at the save settings and the minute i took out the CD, it prompted me that there is no cd. I clicked continue and voila it goes.

thanks a bunch

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Works for Server 2003 install, too!

by effchomsky In reply to A solution

I, like so many before me, have also registered to thank the poster for this solution. I was having the same problem with an install of Server 2003 R2...


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It Worked!!

by MsPcTrainer In reply to A solution

Thank you soooo much. This worked!!


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Have been getting stuck at 7 minutes saving point for 3 days now,

by Silversoul In reply to A solution

Tried over and over again, and just about to try this method. If this works you're a legend!
I never thought of it,
Will update post :)

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