Windows XP Pro Installation Freeze

By ccu_geometro ·
Just recently I've tried to install Windows XP Pro on a friends computer. First thing I did is removed all his partitions and created an NTFS partition and formatted it in WinXP Setup. Installation goes through almost smoothly, then at 7 minutes left, halfway through the Saving Settings bar, it freezes, no response from mouse keyboard ect. Ive tried this over 4 times, it freezes at the exact same spot every time with 7 minutes remaining. Ive searched for problem this but most people seem to have it freezing at the 30 min. range when installation of drivers occur. I would really appreciate some help. Thanks

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Thank you very much.

by Enemies86 In reply to A solution

Never came across this problem before. Reinstalling Windows XP Pro on a Foxconn Motherboard and been stuck on this issue.

Ran Memtest on the Memory for hours, worked fine. Swapped out hard drives, disabled all non-essentials in the CMOS. Tried pretty much everything short of replacing the Motherboard and as soon as I ejected the CD, fine.

Registered just to post this. Thanks again.

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You are the best!

by ClutchJuice In reply to Thank you very much.

Popping out the CD worked! I searched for far too long for a fix that easy. I feel so stupid too, I kept opening and shutting the drive. Even cleaned the disc, but continued to put it in. Funny thing is, when I would pop it out for a second, it would get closer to completion. I stopped doing it when I didn't see any more progress though. Either way you are genius! Thank you!!!!!

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Awsum!! Hats Off..

by coolprathik In reply to A solution

I almost gave up the installation stuff. But just wanted 2 giv a last try to ur technique and it worked.. Hats of buddy... U rule...

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Reponse To Answer

by Lite Cooper In reply to A solution

After 9 hours of trying everything ... a simple eject ...
Should I write :) :) :) or ...

Thank you very much!!
( I also registered for only to say THANKS!! )

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Reponse To Answer

by electromdc In reply to A solution

I ejected the CD, and it didn't continue. Then I noticed that the memory card dreader (fits in a floppy drive bay) had a blinking light. I unplugged the data cable to the memory card reader (system powered on, xp install still paused) and it worked!!! So, if cd eject alone doesn't work, try unplugging un needed stuff. BTW it was a Dell xps 400.

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Reponse To Answer

by T_the_T In reply to A solution

To keep this thread alive... I too found this fix. The key is ejecting the disk just before the last sequence. I also had a bad stick of RAM that was freezing it well before this stage, and a floppy in the A drive lol.

Thanks dude!

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Reponse To Answer

by saltrent In reply to A solution

WOW! I can't believe I disassembled the entire machine, device by device, and the solution to this horror was to eject the CDROM.

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Yet another...

by JoinedForThisPost In reply to Windows XP Pro Installati ...

After trying to install XP 7 or 8 times, each stalling at 7 minutes, I finally found this post!


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