Windows XP processes don't shut down all the way.

By adam ·
No matter what application it is... from Word to Firefox to PhotoShop. XP refuses to shut the application down all the way.

The app closes and it disappears off of my start menu.... but the process is still active.

This is particularly annoying with Firefox... since it's got a run once feature intended to prevent intrusions.

Does anyone know a fix for this issue?

I do run Norton 360... but I don't think that's the reason for this issue.


Adam Fiveson

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by -Q-240248 In reply to Windows XP processes don' ...

But for the record, my FireFox does that sometimes. No help...

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I have the same problem

by mike In reply to Windows XP processes don' ...

My processes don't shut down automatically either when I exit an app. I have had the problem for about two months. Did you ever find a solution?

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what i do

by barbara230 In reply to Windows XP processes don' ...

I open winXP task manager and close the program. My problem has been with IE not closing then having two copies of IE open at the same time, dragging everything down the tubes.


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wild guess

by pgit In reply to what i do

Try this:

I've had Norton, McAfee, CA and AVG (IIRC) miss malware that this tool found. One of the complaints was apps not exiting completely. Worth a try at least.

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Performance Issues In XP

by dh9777usa1 In reply to Windows XP processes don' ...

You're problem may be related to 1 or more performance settings in XP. Here is a link to the page where an automated performance checker can be downloaded from MS and could possibly help.

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Tip of the Iceberg

by jajansenjr In reply to Performance Issues In XP

The problem described is the tip of the iceberg, in the sense that it is not clear which processes you can see with task manager are really needed or not. Is there some way to identify what processes are needed (or not)? Better, is there a "super task manager" replacement for the task manager which would be more useful in making the XP system "lean and mean"?

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Task Manager Replacement

by bdfew In reply to Tip of the Iceberg

I use Process Explorer which was by Sysinternals but MS bought them out. It still works much better that task manager.

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XP process shutdowns

by iwm21 In reply to Windows XP processes don' ...

You are not the only one with these dispersed problems.
Are the users profiles kept locally or on a server? (Worse still a SAN).
If the "My Documents" is re-directed to a server rather than local that can have problems. Though it depends on the number of users contesting for disk access on the storage.

We are running Network Associates antivirus with their desktop firewall.
One problem is that they can often be red-herrings but try installing a virtual machine (VMWare makes it easy to do) and build the same machine in different stages - basic, with[out] Norton, with[out] "My Documents" re-directed, with[out] local profiles, etc.
MS do recommend using local and syncronising profiles ... try that as well.

Let me know how you get on ... we've had to settle (for the time being) on the least worst solution for us.


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I thought this was a single user issue only

by dh9777usa1 In reply to XP process shutdowns

It didn't sound as though this could be a network related issue but more like it was happening on the local machine, correct me if I'm wrong.

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by ---TK--- In reply to XP process shutdowns

This is AT YOUR OWN RISK! This registry patch tells Windows to automatically unload DLL's from closed applications from memory. Some applications are left running in memory after they are closed


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