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Windows XP sp4?

By local support ·
You can buy a pc with Windows XP sp3 preinstalled.

It seems however that sp3 will retire in a year.

Will this be the end of security bug fixes for XP do you think?

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Guess you right

by local support In reply to You

ill start with the router and practise on that one.

then ill get the laptop and use it as a standalone for a while and get familiar.

then... zingo

do you know if d-link 645 br is suitable?

(with usb for the printer and external drive)


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The Same and Different

by TheChas In reply to The mississ wants a flash ...

Sounds like you should go out and get a Vista book. Get Vista Annoyances from O'Reilly, or the Vista Pocket Reference.

For home use, insist that she get Vista Home Premium, not Basic.

At this point, I would not seriously consider downgrading a new laptop to XP unless it is an option from the manufacture. There are just way to many hardware devices that are difficult to find XP version drivers for.

Speaking of drivers, make sure that Vista version drivers are available for the printer, scanner, or other external hardware she will be using. If you cannot get a Vista driver, plan to replace the device. (Or, at least get her her own.)

The transition from XP to Vista is similar to moving from Windows 3.11 to Windows 95. Or, from Windows 98 to XP. Most of the tools and options are still there, just in different places with new names.

You can reduce some of the differences by switching to the classic start menu and classic view for folders.

For application software, the big difference is that many use the ribbon interface rather than toolbars. Again, the same functions, just presented differently.

As to wireless, it's just another form of networking. Get a good wireless router or access point for home. Just make sure to enable the security function and write down the key / password.

When traveling, the most important thing is to be aware of what network you are connecting to.


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Thumbs up! Vista home premium and MS office 2k7

by local support In reply to The Same and Different

Sharp or OEM with rescue partition?

sp1 or sp2?

automatic security updates ? (MS considers almost everything of priority)

ie7 or ie8?

I propose a 15" 4 0r 16:9 screen for office work and no advanced games.
maybe only 17" will be available. or wxga

A bit heavy is no problem, she will not move it a lot. (or she will but she is strong)

i'll make her a restricted user, connect an external mouse, install student office and put her in front of it. from there on we hope for a good wieving angle.

Many thanks Chas. You cover it


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Vista SP2 and IE8

by TheChas In reply to Thumbs up! Vista home pre ...

The question to ask before installing Vista SP2 and / or IE8 is if there are any critical applications that may not run properly with those updates.

I have Vista on my laptop and as yet have not installed SP2 or IE8. I use it when I travel for business and need to know that the work applications I need will work with both updates.

If you just plan to use "standard" applications and not access any company remote applications, there is no real reason to not install the latest updates.

Aside from that, if you purchase a new system, odds are it will come with Vista SP2 and IE8 installed.


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