Windows\g mystery file problems

By stephen ·
It all started with trying to do a defrag on an AMD xp2100 machine with 1 gig ram running XP Pro. The defrag report listed nine system files, Windows\p, a, g, e, f, i, l, s, and y as being in use and unable to defrag. They are all identical in size (1.50 gig) and have the identical date (date of last computer boot) and range from having 4 fragments to 40,000 fragments. Obviously a problem. Also due to being in use I cannot move, delete, or copy them. In looking at another XP computer these files do not exist. Has anyone seen this before and have any idea what is creating them, and more importantly how to get rid of them. Oh and to make matters worse after doing some reboots etc, there are now 10 of them C:\windows\0 has appeared!

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by ctrservices In reply to Windows\g mystery file pr ...

Sounds like spyware.Often more timely to save important data and reinstall. However,concerning the undeleteable files, first try Unlocker or Killbox before you do the following to delete the offending files (should be easy to Google). Whether you can delete them with these programs or not, also do the following.

1.Go into Msconfig (Start?Run?type ?Msconfig? and click OK. Click the Startup tab and uncheck everything (except your AV, Spyware and special video aps, then click OK and reboot.

2.Upon restart, recheck Msconfig to see if anything rechecked itself and make a note of it. Run any spyware checker you have (Spybot, etc.), deleting any found infections. Then rescan. If clean, go to step 3. If not clean, reboot into Safe Mode (tap F8 key at startup until you get a menu, then select Safe Mode)) and scan/delete. Rescan. If still not clean, reinstall OS, if it is clean, go to step 3.

3.In the Disk Properties/Tools tab for your system drive, click ?Check now? and reboot to allow the machine to check for system errors.

4.Hopefully by this time, you should be able to defrag. If not, seriously consider a reinstall.

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No, and the plot thickens

by stephen In reply to Spyware?

Both LavaSoft and Norton say everything is clean. Starting with Msconfig set to minimum still has the same result. Using Unlocker gets rid o them, but only until the next boot, and then they are back, exactly the same size, 1.5G. If only an install was not so painfull!

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Spells out pagefile...

by RobPatten In reply to Windows\g mystery file pr ...

The system swap file, or page file, is used for virtual memory and is normally caled...


It seems a strange coincidence that the file names you are finding spell this out (bearing in mind only one instance of each letter will be allowed).

The fact that it is in use, and comes back on reboot would add weight to the idea that it is pagefile related.

Perhaps you should check your virtual memory settings, maybe delete and re-create a new pagefile?

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