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By omodiagbe ·
I have just installed windowXP(SP3)on my systems but i am not sure what is or are the benefit's.I just can see the defference(S) maybe i am blind or my body is just moving me to migrate to VISTA
Please let me know your thoughts

Thanks to you all

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Stay where you are

by nepenthe0 In reply to WINDOWXPSP2 VS XPSP3

A number of credible studies have confirmed what most of us have known for the past year:

1) XP Pro boots much faster than Vista

2) XP Pro runs applications significantly faster than Vista

3) Vista is a resource hog - the hard drive often chatters away from swap file exhanges boosting memory by a trick known as virtual memory.

4) Vista will annoy you with permission denied menus whenever you wish to reconfigure something.

SP3 is a rollup of all the post-SP2 patches and hotfixes issued by Microsoft, plus some additional functionality incorporated into Vista. Tests showed that XP Pro actually runs 10% faster with SP3 (compared to SP2).

So, stay with XP SP3. Unless you wish to incur a bunch of annoyances for the sake of a few glitzy showpieces (i.e., the aero interface), you already have the best operating system installed. Keep it safe and well tuned.

Rick/Portland, OR

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by omodiagbe In reply to Stay where you are

Thanks Rick, i actually noticed the stability of my systems after installing SP3, but it is best to know what other people think. I very much appreciate your advise thanks once again

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You're most welcome

by nepenthe0 In reply to RE- SP2 VS SP3

I very much appreciate such feedback - that makes the effort entirely worthwhile. I actually tested Vista Home Premium for a month, then finally reinstalled XP Pro.

The outcry against Vista was so compelling that, upon customer request, Microsoft and the computer vendors have agreed to downgrade Vista installations to XP Pro for another year.

We can only hope the Windows 7 will be less annoying the Vista. Meanwhile, the business community is quietly ignoring Vista, currently satisfied with the stability and malleability of XP Pro.

Rick/Portland, OR

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not much

by wesley.chin In reply to WINDOWXPSP2 VS XPSP3

it has not been installed here yet, and I don't think it will be installed for a while here. But back to your question

SP3 is a rollup of hotfixes and some additional features. Such as NAP, black hole router detection, product-key less installation.

One disadvantage is lost of the taskbar-based Address Bar option.

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All of the benefits are behind the scenes

by CharlieSpencer In reply to WINDOWXPSP2 VS XPSP3

There are no visible differences between SP2 and SP3. This service pack includes operating system and security patches and updates, but doesn't add any visible new features. All of the updates are behind the scenes.

If you choose to install Vista, do yourself a favor. Visit Microsoft's web site and search for the "Vista Compatibility Tool" (or something like that). This free tool will check your hardware and software and let you know if you'll have problems with Vista BEFORE you buy it.

Unless you have an application or business reason to install Vista, I recommend you remain with XP until you do.

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