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By NZ_Justice ·
Interesting Microsoft aren?t turning a blind eye to open source they are embracing it.,1759,1813703,00.asp

pretty soon Microsoft will be producing closed source applications better than those available in open source, they have employed a top linux guy to do this. Microsfot are not new to borrowing, it's the roots of their organisation, And open source comes up with some awesome ideas and some great applications are devloped with open source so Microsoft will assimilate open source and Winux will be born.

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Greed over Pride.

by NZ_Justice In reply to Microsoft my foot!

Microsoft too me appear to be Greedy, they make crap loads of money and aim to make crap loads more. But they have other goals as well. See for the lowdown on M$ goals.

In every thing I've seen to do with economics and business success the people/corporate entities with the money/profit, are ones who are greedy not proud.

If you have a good money making idea and you unleash it in the market protection or no protection, some one in china will rip it off and if not china then India, not India the USA etc.., people get ripped of to strengthen economies.

MS can take pride in there work but If someone else comes up with a better idea, do they just ignore them and say our idea is better, you won't bet me because we are proud, of course not, else we wouldn't' have windows to start with.

If something else can do it better, so will windows.

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But isn't Winux really Mac OS

by BlueKnight In reply to Winux

Just playing devil's advocate with this, but if you take a UNIX kernel and add a GUI, don't you have the Mac OS?

That being said, I tried a Mac once... didn't like it at all. Now I know why they were embraced by educators... their thought process is different from those of us in the business world.

Personally, I use Windows 2000 Professional and it suits me just fine -- I wouldn't have minded had DOS stayed with us a lot longer, I'm used to a command type interface. That said, I'm working on learning Linux and don't imagine it will be much different from other UNIX flavor I've worked with. I do like the open source aspect of it along with the fact that it has been embraced by so many.

A commercial product having the Windows interface on top of a Linux base might be decent. Wait, there is such an animal... Lindows.

Question is, if it [Winux] comes from the folks in Redmond, how secure would it be compared to the OSes we have today? Would current Windows users be willing to adopt a Winux?

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microsoft has no problem

by Dr Dij In reply to But isn't Winux really Ma ...

stealing from mac. look how windows started :)

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MS Linux is an idea

by Dumphrey In reply to Winux

that has been around for a long time.
is one of my favorite parody sites. Nothing has changed on it in years as best as I can tell, but it still makes me laugh.
MS will never go open source. To do so would open them up to patent law suites and copywrite violation charges just as they level at everyone else. and they would have to rebild their entire buisness model, as people could, and would build clones of the products from the source code.

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"MS will never go open source. " Why not?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to MS Linux is an idea

"To do so would open them up to patent law suites and copywrite violation charges just as they level at everyone else."

Okay, how would that work? Novell and Red Hat market Linux without being subjected to law suits.

"...they would have to rebild their entire buisness model,..."

Why couldn't they establish a Linux division with a model different from the rest of MS, more similar to a support service provider like RH? I agree it's not likely, but is there anything, technological or legal, to prevent it?

" people could, and would build clones of the products from the source code."

Again, this doesn't keep RH, Novell, and others from making money.

If MS did start offering a Linux distribution, I think you'd see far more proprietary software companies expand their product offerings beyond just Windows apps. Do you think game developers would continue to ignore Linux if there was an MS distro?

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