winword.exe process won't die without assisted euthanasia

By Anthony Rice ·
Hi everyone

I'm running remote desktop based WYSE thin clients with server-based application access and have been noticing that the winword.exe process on occasion refuses to die and just sits there using around 25% CPU even when the program has ended. If I don't manually kill it other winword.exe processes follow suite over the day and suddenly I have Word using 100% of the CPU.

I've done a fair number of hours research on this issue today and I can tell you the following information:
* I am running Office 2003 Professional with optional 2007 conversion pack.
* I am not running Outlook (it's not even installed)
* The server has twin 1.6GHz Twin Xeon CPUs
* The server has 16GB of RAM
* When the winword.exe service doesn't go rogue on me the 67 thin clients work effortlessly so RAM and CPU are not wanting.
* the version of Word 2003 is (11.5604.5606)
* I run McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8 in the background and have scanned with SpyBot so I doubt it is anything nasty (except perhaps erroneous code.)

Any help would be appreciated

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Have you

by Jacky Howe In reply to winword.exe process won't ...

read this. Do you have outlook installed on the server. Did you have this problem before installing the conversion pack.

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No outlook anywhere near my machines.

by Anthony Rice In reply to Have you

Yes I've read that but it doesn't apply to me - different problem, different package version. No outlook. I've been running conversion pack since it came out without any issues. This is related to Remote Desktop I think and Word not shutting down correctly. I cannot replicate the problem outside a Remote Desktop environment.

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by Jacky Howe In reply to No outlook anywhere near ...

like we have another first. All that I can suggest is to double check your setup.
There is no reference to your particular problem to be found. I also haven't worked with WYSE thin clients. If you are in a school environment I would be checking your users profiles.

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Windows Service to kill long running process

by codezilla94 In reply to winword.exe process won't ...

This Windows Services searches for WINWORD.EXE processes that have been idle and kills them, freeing up memory and helping your application get back on track. You can configure the interval that the service will search for processed to kill and the Maximum amount of time the process is allowed to run (Example: Check for WINWORD.EXE processes every 10 mins and kill them if they have been alive longer than 20 mins.)

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Here's a freebie

by Jacky Howe In reply to Windows Service to kill l ...

PsKill v1.12
PsList v1.28

By Mark Russinovich

< old info >

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