Winxp Pro computers disappear from Network Places

By jdoggett ·
I have a network of five computers, all windows xp pro, no servers or domains, and all in same workgroup. Static IP (manually configured, not DHCP). When I restart my pc I can see all of them in Network Places, then after about 20 minutes, 3 of them (including mine) disappear. I can ping them, and still access mapped drives but can not see them in network places. I have checked ipconfig, ran cdiag, and browstat. XP firewall is disabled, I have KIS 7.0 and tried with and without it disabled with same results. The network has run fine for about 2 years, then about 2 weeks ago the PC's start disappearing.

If you need more info let me know. Thanks in advance for any help.

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by jdoggett In reply to ?

to my knowledge. We had installed a new large format printer, but I have already uninstalled this on all PC's without any luck of them showing up. Besides the printer is installed on 2 other machines that still show in network places.

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by wesley.chin In reply to Nothing

Check to see if there is IP conflict. There was a time when it was static IP here, and that turned out to be the problem.

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No conflicts

by jdoggett In reply to hm

IP are unique


Workgroup "Server"

No IP Routing
No WINS Proxy

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by wesley.chin In reply to No conflicts

Of the five IPs listed, which are of the unviewable machines? Looking at the IPs, I see that all of them end in 3 digits except two.

What is the method of connection? Wired or wireless? Are all of the machines on the same service packs?

Also, check to see if hibernation is enabled on any of the machines. Once the hibernation kicks in, the machine may become unviewable.

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by jdoggett In reply to Hm

The pc's that disappear end with 21,53, and 25.
All hardwired connections and SP2. Hibernation is disabled on all machines.

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by wesley.chin In reply to OK

try adding a "1" to all of the IPs of the machines that are not viewable, ie 121,153,125.

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