WinXP Pro

By eezatit ·
My WinXp Pro was accidentally unplugged during an update download and will not reboot.I've tried to run the 6 floppy boot disks,I made(assuming for this kind of thing)but to no avail.It simply shuts down after the WinXP Pro loading page.I do not have a copy of the OS either any suggestions!!

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have you tried...

by jmarkhus In reply to WinXP Pro

Hi, have you tried going into safe mode? also you could look into obtaining a winternals boot cd that boots a version of xp into ram and allows you to diagnose your pc. sorry dude. when you get in in safe mode, do a rollback.

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RE;unplugged XP

by eezatit In reply to have you tried...

Does not matter which config. I choose right after the option is made the system shuts down,Is there somewhere I could obtain a onetime Winternal boot assist,I am very limited budget wise.(was gifted the computer from my son and He is overseas).That is one heck of alot of money to buy a new OS when I have one already,That just needs to reboot.Thank you for your suggestions though,I guess my foray into the Internet world is over,I was simply amazed at the whole concept of it though.Quite informative and exciting.

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Find a friend that has a copy

by jdclyde In reply to RE;unplugged XP

You can legally use their copy to reinstall, you just have to use the numbers from your system when you do the install.

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windows2000XP won,t bootup

by billmunson In reply to have you tried...

I have been in safe mode many times and tried to restore won,t do anything just sits there and I have tried last known configuration and that won,t do either? can you send me a boot floppy disc my cd-rom?dvd won,t work either?

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RE: No copy of Windows XP

by zarathustra2010 In reply to WinXP Pro

A question:

After using your XP floppy-boot installer, how did you
intend on repairing or reinstalling your OS, if necessary?
The first thing the Installer will do is check for an OS
installation disk.

BTW, all the floppy "boot" set does is install the Installer.
Then it needs the OS installation media to actually install
Windows on your HD.

The XP "boot disk" set was never meant to be used as a
general-purpose repair utility. The only "boot" disk is
disk #1. The rest just contain basic generic drivers and
enough of the Windows kernel to start an installation,
which then requires the install media.

The floppy set was meant for those who did not have
optical drives which could boot the computer, or
motherboards which could not address optical block
devices as boot devices. This assumed that the user had
install media either on the HD, or in a network location.

My suggestion:
1) Buy a copy of XP Pro.
2) Repost here when you have it installed.

Donald McDaniel

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RE: Win XP Pro

by pcsystems In reply to WinXP Pro

Find a friend with an OEM Copy of Win XP Pro. You will also need the CD Key Code. Boot from the Win XP Pro disk and select install XP when you get the first menu. Eventually the menu will ask you if you want to repair the current version of Windows. Select "R" and follow prompts.

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Leaning towards hardware

by MESURF4 In reply to RE: Win XP Pro

I had something VERY similar happen after a AV Version upgrade. I fought with it for a day or 3 thinking it had to be software. I replaced the power suppply it self and the issue was immediately resolved. If you have a spare NEW power supply I would give that a try. I would also ensure the processor fan / Heatsink is not clogged with dust with a stiff shot of canned air. If neither of these work then at least you have eliminated these hardware items and have a spare power supply on hand for future use.

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windows won,t bootup 200XP

by billmunson In reply to RE: Win XP Pro

I have the cd but the cd-rom/dvd don,t work and I have tried the safe mode and also system retore and ut hyst sits there abd don,t do anything I have treid different dates also and last know configuration also numorus times and still don,t bootup I don,t know how to make a floppy boot disk

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Another possibility

by aandruli In reply to WinXP Pro

You might have fried some hardware with the unplug. If so -- even another copy of XP won't help -- after doing the install, you'll get the same problem. Try pulling everything except RAM and video and see if it boots. Then put the hardware in one by one until the find the faulty card.

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by RNR1995 In reply to WinXP Pro

Find a copy of ERD commander, boot it and do a system restore
or you will have to do a repair install like someone else suggested.
Or try the "Ultimate Boot Cd" that has a copy of ERD on it I think
I doubt you fried hardware, sounds more like OS corruption since it was patching.

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