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Wireless Antenna

By xavi792002 ·
Hi all
i want to extend my WIFI range to cover circular with diameter of 1 KM, so are there any Equipments(Amplifier, mast,..) we can add to the wireless router(linksys) to extended the range


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Expensive but possible

by Michael Kassner Contributor In reply to Wireless Antenna

If you have clear line of sight, it may be possible to achieve your goal. It will require more equipment than you think though.

At the AP site, you will need to have multiple radios, I'd use four and place them as close to the antennas as possible. Then I'd get four antennas similar to what are shown in the link:

That way, you get optimal radiated power from directional antennas and since four are used you have omni-directional coverage.

The next problem is the remote computers. Up to a point they will be able to associate with the AP site, but increased distance and line of site issues will obviously degrade the signal. At that point the remote computers may need an external antenna and/or external radios to increase the chances of getting a viable association with the AP site.

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Expensive but possible

by xavi792002 In reply to Expensive but possible

Hi Michael
thanks for your replay
i am interesting by your solution, can you plz give me more details how to connect these Antenna to the the WIFI Router and range of these router with standard transmit power from these devices

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4 routers

by Michael Kassner Contributor In reply to Expensive but possible

If you use the sector antennas, you will need 4 routers, one for each antenna. I would make sure to use routers that can be powered via PoE and run four Ethernet cables up the mast to the routers and then have short coaxial cables running from each router to the designated antenna.

Using four routers can create some interference issues, I would suggest using channels in a similar clock-wise arrangement.

Antenna Sector 1 (channel 1)
Antenna Sector 2 (channel 6)
Antenna Sector 3 (channel 11)
Antenna Secotr 4 (channel 6)

BAck in the server room, you can connect all four Ethernet cables to a switch and direct their traffic to where ever you want.

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4 routers

by xavi792002 In reply to 4 routers
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Another possibility

by Michael Kassner Contributor In reply to 4 routers

If you prefer you can get 120 Degree sector antennas and only use three routers. It will not have as strong a signal at the 1 km distance, though. Still, it may be enough. Hard to say, it will require testing to know for sure.

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by ---TK--- In reply to Expensive but possible

I knew there was an easer way than using a homemade rig...

A couple guys stretched a wifi signal 125 miles back in 2005 its a pretty interesting read for those that are interested...**

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You might be interested

by Michael Kassner Contributor In reply to Nice....
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by DHCDBD In reply to Expensive but possible

But I still like my approach better. My approach, while smart aleky was intended to illuminate many different problems that often are not thought of. Licensing, interference with other things operating in the 2.4 Ghz. range, commercial interests, etc.

You should have seen my cellphone carrier complain when I wanted to install a repeater in my home in a weak signal area for my cellphone. I wanted a system that was no where near the five watts I gave above; I just needed enough boost so as to not drop a connection from room to room, say 3 db. This depends on the carrier though, some encourage it as a way to expand their coverage in weak signal area's on another's dime.

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