Wireless Connection to login to Domain??

By ricky.helmer ·

I have many users I am migrating to a Windows Domain environment. Only one (laptop) connects only wirelessly because cable cannot be ran through that NICE office. (It is the CEO of the company).

Is it at all possible to have the WLAN card establish a connection BEFORE logging in to windows so that policies are applied upon startup.

It is an atheros WLAN card on Windows XP. Maybe since she is the CEO, I should just leave her PC unrestricted to the GPOs of the domain, but then I cant update her computer remotely either via WSUS...

Any suggestions??

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by DownRightTired In reply to Wireless Connection to lo ...

had never really considered this before. Since its only one host couldnt you just go and manually configure some basic computer policies? You could set WSUS and whatever else you need this way no?

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RE: Wireless Connection to login to Domain??

by DSCNBill In reply to Wireless Connection to lo ...

From a security standpoint you should apply GPO's to the CEO also, even if they are slightly modified to allow a little more flexibility than the regular user.

However, the issue at hand. I assume it is Server 2003 you are migrating to? However, this shouldn't make a difference. Windows XP should be 'clever' enough, once you join it to the domain to establish the Wifi Connection before login, and apply any policies you require. I think I recall a simliar issue where I had to log in as local admin to config the card initially (we had certificates on our Wifi).

I hope this helps.


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by DownRightTired In reply to RE: Wireless Connection t ...

I would agree from a security standpoint.

Ive never really considered the effect of a wireless card on Computer GP's. Have you actually tested this and found that the computer policies are not being applied?

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Tried it...

by ricky.helmer In reply to Re RE

Ok, so while I was waiting on responces, I went ahead and tried it. It would NOT connect initially to the domain, even after waiting a few minutes after the login screen came up.

I figured I could log in once and cache the credentials via LAN. So I did that and the logged back off. I was able to log in there after, but it was always soooo slow to do so. I have taken it off the domain.

Any other suggestions?

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Manual config

by DSCNBill In reply to Tried it...

Since this is a one off special circumstance machine, ie the CEO, is it practical for you to manually configure the system eg to use your WSUS server for updates etc. Perhaps install some form of remote management on it so you could manage it from your office also.


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by ricky.helmer In reply to Manual config


Actually I have found the answer to this.
You actually have to disable any 3rd-party WLAN utilities and let Windows manager your wireless connection (WZC).

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by hsmetla In reply to Solved

Dear Sir
I have the same problem of connecting my wireless clients to the domain using Access points Can u please guide me through the process. My email Id is

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