Wireless extension: WRT54GS & WAP11?

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I have an old building with an existing network. The existing is as follows: DSL Modem connected to a Linksys WRT54gs running on 192.168.9.x. This router is located below ground level to serve as a wireless 'hot spot' for select members of the organization. Connected to that is another WRT54gs (cat5e) that supports the administrative office. The wireless is disabled on that router and it only runs wired at 192.168.3.x Now, I have a person in another department wanting internet but he is on the other side of the building and running cable is not practical at all. I have easy access to drop a cat5e w/in range of the wireless router at 192.168.9.x and have a WAP11 sitting around gathering dust. How can I set up the WAP11 to act as a sort of remote wireless card to relay the internet connection back down the wire?

I can see how it is done but I seem to be missing something...I cannot get the WAP to connect wirelessly to the router and wired to the pc w/o sticking another router in least not that I can see. How do I make the WAP11 share it's connection???

Maybe I have the wrong stuff involved here. I have a hacked WRT at home that does a nice job of this...just wanted to use the WAP11 for something useful. Any solutions?

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by justgold79 In reply to Wireless extension: WRT54 ...

Setup the clients running the openvpn client to securely connect them to the wap11, then have that wap11's ethernet port connected to a windows or linux box running the openvpn server software. Google for "openvpn wlan".

There are gui's for both the server ( and the client (

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Yes you are

by tintoman In reply to Wireless extension: WRT54 ...

looking at it the wrong way, you will not be able to connect the WAP to the router wirelessly, if you are able to connect it to the router by ethernet you can then project the wireless signal a bit further but your user will need to have a wireless enabled computer to receive it.
Also if it's a long way away then you might need to add a repeater in there as well

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