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I am interested in setting up a sharing network using a sprint wireless card. Sprint says that I can buy a router with either a pcmcia card or a usb wirless card either one will work depending on the router. Now here is my question, I have seven networked cables ending in one room from all other rooms. I would like to hook a router up using the seven cables and then plug in my wireless card into the router( either the usb or pcmcia card) allowing all computers (up to 3 at a time) to run off of one wireless card..Can this be done and what type of router will I need. Can I use a hub in one port with a rj45 to expand the router.

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I think that you have misunderstood what you have been told here

by OH Smeg In reply to wireless internet card ne ...

You can buy a WiFi access point and then use either a USB or PCMCIA Device on a Note Book to connect to the WiFi Access Point. The Router itself will not have a USB or PCMCIA Slot available these are on the computers and if you are in an either or situation you'll need either a NB or a PCI to PCMCIA converter for Desktop system.

What you actually plug into the Router or Hub/Switch is either a CAT Cable of some description or a USB Cable to connect 1 computer to the Router. The USB option is most unlikely to be available as they are slow and unreliable.

But if you are inserting a WiFi Access Point you do not need a Router as this will isolate that part of the Network from the rest of the network so you need a WiFi Access Point that doesn't include a Router or Place a Router between your Modem and the Internal LAN.

As for extending a Router with a Hub/Switch yes you can do this easily just use a CAT 5 Cable from the Router to the Uplink side of a Hub/Switch and that will allow you to add more RJ 45 Ports and more computers. If you have 7 Leads terminating in one room you can just plug in the existing Hub/Switch to the new Router and install the router between the Modem and Hub/Switch. But you'll need a Direct Cable Connection with just 1 computer connected to configure/setup the WiFi Access Point or Router. After you have the WiFi Access Point configured you can then log in remotely over the WiFi but I would strongly suggest that you add some security and depending on the brand of WiFi Access Point that you buy you can use either Wep or MAC to secure the WiFi side of the LAN down. After this is done you can then remove the CAT 5 Cable and connect through the WiFi.


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EVDO routers

by CGSJohnson In reply to I think that you have mis ...

Actually, OH Smeg, Linksys and Sprint have combined to produce such a router which you say is not available. There are others out there too. Just search on "sharing Sprint mobile broadband connection". Thanks.

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