Wireless Internet problem

By NYRangers424 ·
Please help me! My wireless internet says that it is working, with an excellent signal strength, except I have no internet connection whenever I try to get to the web. Why is this? I have Windows XP with a wireless linkSyS setup. I tried restarting my computer and internet, but no results. Any help would be appreciated. Also I do not know much about computers so try to make easy for me to understand! Thanks

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re ping:

by vlape In reply to ping?

try this:

click start, run. type cmd click ok. from the new window type tracert let me know if you get a reply past line 4. it should look like the example in my previous post. if this does not give a reply, from the c:> prompt type ping

I believe your wireless is configured correctly. in your previous post where you pasted your ipconfig opuput i can see where your router is passing an IP via DHCP and DNS is being assigned from cablevision.

have you tried anything else in my previous post? try connecting the laptop directly to the cablemodem. also try right clicking on your wireless icon on the box next to the clock and choose repair.

hope this helps

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getting the same problem

by Rex_god In reply to ping?

im getting the exact problem...there was a Windows security update that took effect on the 15th and i havent been able to get my wireless working. it sais that it is connected to the router and that im connected to the internet but it is so slow that it doesnt do anything. i rebooted my whole network...i got a new router...i can connect wired, but not wirelessly...i was able to use windows to configure my network but now it is telling me that i cannot have windows configure my network. i would have to turn on Wireless zero controll but Microsoft doesnt tell me how to do this. im getting connected i can get windows to ping an internet server but when i try to load the webpage it will not. while looking at my connection its only downloading 2 packets every 2 or 3 seconds? any thoughts

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Wireless Problem

by blavk In reply to Wireless Internet problem

Try finding out if your computer's internet access is turned on. Some have switches and others have key combinations(FN + "F" keys). Your manual will tell you which key combination you need to turn it on.

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Yo dude, you know this question is almost 4 years old?

by CG IT In reply to Wireless Problem

you would have had to rummage through old posts to find it and that takes effort and time....which is wasted on a 4 year old post.

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But it wasn't resolved....

by tanyathib In reply to Yo dude, you know this qu ...

It may be a 4 yo post.... but I am currently having the exact same problem and can't find the fix for it.... and this post never went through to completion I've been messing with this problem for too long - wish a solution could be easier to find - the damned of it is that I know it is an easy fix, I just can't remember what to do!

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I also have this problem!

by Amro89 In reply to But it wasn't resolved... ...

One day, while surfing the web, the internet connection stopped working. I tried pressing "repair" and was told that something was wrong with the encryption key (if that's what it's called). I tried to type the key in again, and was then told I was connected, but I still wasn't able to connect to the web. The signal quality is great.

I have windows xp.

I have had this problem a few times before. The first was when I first had bought the router, and was trying to get it to work. This time a friend of mine, who has a company fixing computers, solved the problem. I didn't understand much of what he said, but he told me it wasn't an easy problem to figure out. The second time was the same day I installed spotify. I didn't do anything about the problem for about 2 months, and then suddenly it worked again.

Now I haven't had wireless internett for over a week, but it works when using a cabel.

I am home for the weekend, and yesterday I installed spotify to my mothers mac, and today she can't connect to the wireless. The stationary computer (that I am writing on now) has internet though.

Did you tanyathib figure out how to fix the problem?

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Better ask your own questions

by TobiF In reply to I also have this problem!

Even though the symptoms can look the same: "Can't browse the web", the root cause can be very different for all of you.

The original poster in this thread probably had some proxy settings wrong, but if (s)he didn't fix that as of yet, then I'm sure a new computer has come in place several years ago...

So, when you're stuck and want to solicit some peer help, start your own thread. Just click on the button "Ask question". If you supply more information, then you may get a quicker reply. (Type of OS, what you tried to do, what you expected to happen, what actually happened, did you notice anything unusual, has it worked before and so on.)

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