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How can I tell the guy next door is using my wireless modem to access the internet. he used my pc a week ago and his roomate said he configured his and my computers t enable wireless internet from my pc. where do i check on my pc. i have a compaq presario windows vista. i do notice an icon on the task bar that looks like a wireless connection has been made. it only shows up after 5 pm when he's home. please help. he's not nice, he should'nt be using a service if I pay good money for it. any advice out there is greatly appreciated.

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by shady108 In reply to wireless modem internet ...

have a look by logging onto your wireless router/modem...... most of them will tell you what clients are currently connected. He will be more than likely connecting straight to your modem/router and not to your pc. You can also block his access by logging onto your router and selecting the wirless security tab, choose WPA encryption and set a password on there. You will need to enter the password the first time you connect to your wireless network and then will be ok. If he tries to connect to your network it will ask him to enter the password which if he doesnt know he wont be able to connect.

you can also open up a command prompt and type in netstat -n , that will tell you what ip addresses are connected to you. look for foreign addresses in there such as 192.168.x.x , anything starting with that address in the foreign address list is connected to your pc

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Whoa! I hope not...

by seanferd In reply to wireless modem internet ...

EDIT: try shady's suggestions above, first. Forgot about netstat. Securing your network, I was going to mention later, but it is very important, and will avoid future problems.

Laptop or desktop?

Is this a wireless internet card in the computer only? Connected wireless modem? Modem/router that your PC connects to wirelessly?

If you talk to the room mate and can trust him, the easiest way to tell if it is *that guy* for sure:

Have your computer on, stay off the internet around 5pm. Wait for the wireless icon to show up. After it has been on for a bit (when you know that the room mate is present), right-click the icon and disable the wireless. Ask the room mate later if the guy got booted off the internet. (Again, assuming the room mate is there to see it, maybe you can ask him to watch?)

I don't know much about those wireless USB modems that you attach to the computer, but looking at the properties for your network connections, network cards, or the setup in an external router will give you lots of info.

Here is how to find your computer's IP address, and other info.
Type Winipcfg in the run box. See if there is more than one adapter listed in the dropdown box (this may show you something if he is connected through your computer, depending on your setup).

To get a printout of this, type Cmd in the run box. In the cmd window, type
ipconfig /all > c:\ip.txt
This will give you a text file in the root of the C drive. Bring it to your desktop. Try this again when you suspect the pirate connection is showing up. Give the file a different name like ip2.txt.

I am by no means an expert in this, but I can tell you more if you tell us more about your wireless setup. Other folks with more experience will weigh in also.

You may have extra utilities provided by your network card, check in the start menu and check your adapter in the control panel and device manager.

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