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I'm pretty new to wireless networking on a large scale, for a range outside of 1 wireless router. A client of ours wants us to setup a wireless network in which users are running an online based database application. I need to setup a wireless network in which users can walk from point A to point B and stay connected to the network at all times. I surveyed the site with a Linksys WAP54G Access Point and found that with the structural design of the building and all the interference with water pipes, other electronic devices, etc. that 12 APs would sufficiently blanket the entire building. Some structural info, it's shaped like a cross, all wings are about 100' long from the center of the building, it's 1 story, all rooms are concrete. My question is, what type of wireless equipment would best suit my dilemma?

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Which ever one will supply Technical Support

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Wireless Networking Equip ...

For the job will be the best one in your area.

I've used several different solutions with different jobs and it's always been the company willing to supply Technical Support on site that has always worked out the best and most cost effective for the customer. They have come up with workable solutions that where previously unthought of.


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Thanks for the info HAL 9000

by ScottTech In reply to Which ever one will suppl ...

But I was looking more for someone who has actually worked with different technologies and not someone who has an idea of where to go in general, I've already Googled and came up with results like your post... I came here looking for more than a vague general answer.

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Well I predominately use Netgear

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Thanks for the info HAL 9 ...

But this is because I get support from them for one off projects in Pre sales support for the specific needs involved in the building that I'm attacking with WiFi Coverage and what is required with the materials used in construction of the building and at the same time cut down on external WiFi coverage outside of the building.

But as I said above Netgear is a local supplier who offer this service and while there may be other as good a products they don't have local Representative available so I don't use them for that reason. That is part of the reason why I didn't want to give a specific company name as they may not be the best for where you are.


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by ScottTech In reply to Well I predominately use ...

Thanks for the follow up sorry if I sounded rude earlier, just a little frusturated. My boss wants me to design and implement something I know little about and doesn't want to outsource the job to another company. I don't know how to setup a seamless wireless network. Thanks for the input though.

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HAL makes a good point

by sgt_shultz In reply to Wireless Networking Equip ...

i congratulate you on your site survey but where is your follow thru? you should see by now that this is a complex question and we are not going to design your wireless network layout complete with bom here, sorry.
Here is what I would do:
I would call Cisco, Netgear, Nortel. I would ask for help with a 'pre sales question'.
whomever had the time to explain and made the most sense gets my business.
I would stay away from belkin, dlink and linksys.

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by ScottTech In reply to HAL makes a good point

I did do "pre-sale" emails to linksys a few in fact, everyone of them with a different end solution, that um doesn't work. For instance, one Linksys solution was to set all the APs with the same SSID, Channel, and IP addresses. The clients WNICs are supposed to automatically switch to the next available AP seamlessly. But, in the real world they disconnect then reconnect with more than 10 secs of downtime which is way too long. I didn't know netgear products were rated higher than dlink/linksys.

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