Wireless problem

By engsoft ·
My users can connect with their laptops on our wired connection. When they go on the road and try to connect via wireless in hotels/airports etc the wireless connection connects, gives them a local IP address etc. yet they are unable to get any webpages to load. I've even had them try to use the IP addresses of websites (in case it was a DNS issue) with no luck.

Any ideas on this one would be appreciated.

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I had that exact problem

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Re:Time to hit a wifi spo ...

And related it above.
Something was keeping part of the wifi validation process from working.
Hardware shows a connection, but since there's no validation, you get no functionality out of that connection.

It's just waiting for you to tip it, so to speak. Hand held out, eyeing the horizon off to the right.

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RE:I had that exact problem

by engsoft In reply to I had that exact problem

you solved it I take it?

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by AnsuGisalas In reply to RE:I had that exact probl ...

it went away the M$ way... no way to know how.
Make sure there's no pop-up blocking though. Or at least try to turn off each potential blocker in turn... not safe to do maybe, so better hope it's only a surface protection causing the problem.
And only turn off one at a time.
And the way windows works, you may have to restart between changes for them to take effect.
But you could also call the airport to ask for their wifi providers customer support, they may have a list of known issues...

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Re: Sadly

by engsoft In reply to Sadly

Becoming tempted to equip them all with wireless broadband from our mobile phone provider.

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Make sure that

by NexS In reply to Wireless problem

The <b>Internet Properties</b>, under 'connections', then 'LAN Settings', is set to <b>Automatically detect settings</b>.

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