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Wireless Woes - partially-sighted laptops

By rnadom ·
Let me set the scene:

A laptop, running XP Home, with a Belkin wireless network card. A network with a Linksys wireless access point. A network technician persistently banging his head against the desk.

The laptop can detect the wireless network, (recognises it by name) and claims to connect to it with excellent signal strength, but can't actually see or ping any of the other machines, including, oddly enough, the access point itself.

The laptop has had a similar problem connecting to a different wireless network, with a Belkin wireless router/switch, so I'm guessing it's something wrong on the laptop's end, but there are too many variables for me to be totally sure.

I've configured just about everything that's configurable every which way I can think of, but still no joy, so I'm hoping it's some sort of common problem I've just not come across before, which you fine people could possibly make me aware of, or otherwise suggest a remedy for.

When I have four peptic ulcers and no fingernails left, I'm blaming wireless networks.

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by voldar In reply to Wireless Woes - partially ...

I finally found out why you might have such of problems! In fact, I had it myself last day. And it is as you say not a very obvious one. My case: a laptop with a built-in wireless network card. When setting up the wireless connection, of course, I was able to chose WAP-PSK encryption level. And I thought it is supported! But every time I tried to connect to the WLAN, my computer looked connected, but no ping, no nothing! After a couple of hours trying to solve this problem, I had an idea. Why not to change from WAP to WEP? Just to see what is happening! I setup the AP to WEP, and then the laptop. And guess what? IT WORKED! Connection, ping, everything! Next step was, I think, obvious: go to the vendor site to download the latest drivers for the wireless network card, installed, and back again, test it with WAP-PSK. And IT WORKED!!

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wireless hope

by dhawes In reply to Wireless Woes - partially ...

I would first make sure you have all of your quick lauch connection icons available and any program that monitors your wireless connection strength.

Next, look to see that the wireless card is enabled and working in network connections.

Can you physically connect your machine to the router and access the router utility?

If so, then one of the above should lead you into the right direction.

If not, then change your router settings or reset the router.

Here is a checklist if you have to read this far. If you have to change these settings make sure you might want to turn off the ssid broadcast last. I would get the router working under open system and change these one at a time and retest you connection. Hope this helps.

# changed the default password into the router.
# turned off broadcast SSID
# changed the default SSID Name
# enabled wpa-psk & used all 63 of the allowable chars.
# cloned specific MAC address to DHCP
# changed default dhcp server addresses from 100 - 199 to only a single address for now. like through

Are there security programs that work with this router/AP that can offer more security? Do I have my network somewhat secure? Thanks in advanced.

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