Wireshark interpretation...

By heorot245 ·
I downloaded wireshark for my home network. I have an adsl connection with 2mb. I used an Apple Airport Express to have wireless. I check on and my speed is 1mb on average.

I thought wireshark would help me understand if my local network is causing problems.

Can anyone interpret the information in the capture file? If you have the ability or know of a site that can help me, I appreciate it.


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There is a site called

by robo_dev In reply to Wireshark interpretation. ...

Wireshark will help to point out specific error conditions but is not the best tool to help you tweak your network throughput.

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Eliminate the LAN from the WAN

by PReinie In reply to Wireshark interpretation. ...

To determine if it's your local network (LAN) or your ADSL supply network, can you hook directly into the ADSL bypassing any routers, especially wireless routers?

If you can connect to the ADSL, run and look for a few more network testers and compare them to see what rate you get. Most speed testers will not show you're getting the advertised rate. Contact your supplier and ask what speeds you should get.

If a direct connection looks good, the rest is within your LAN, which if you're using a router should be much higher speed/rate than the external connection. Time the transfer of a file of known size from one machine to another to get a rough idea how fast it is. A video file is a good choice... something a gigabyte (or 500meg) big may be easier to time than small files as big files give you a better chance of starting and stopping a timer. (Compare timing the fall of a coin 10 centimeters with dropping the coin 10 meters.)

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wireshark interpertation

by kbfiebig In reply to Wireshark interpretation. ...

Buy a book: (check for a pdf or mobi or kindle format if you have a kindle or ipad. Also view You Tube. a and view and view . Also, go to and view GCIA (intrusion analysis) and read the papers on wireshark. Next, go through what the video showed you and try to do the examples in the book. The very best way to learn wire shark is to play with it. Good luck.

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