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Woman working in IT

By er9797 ·
Have you any idea agree for woman working in IT should be given a salary bonus if they are the only woman in their team or group, please give us a point for agree this argument

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I'll get your coffee...

by ITButterfly In reply to Good one...

I can tell you Mr. McDonald that if you got coffee from this female tech, you wouldn't enjoy were I put it.

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by gmonguzzi In reply to Woman working in IT

I don't see any valid reason to do so

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Based on What ??? Why ???

by JimHM In reply to Woman working in IT

First - What is the question about. Do I agree that the only female on a team should get a bonus just for being the only female.... No - Unless you were are an *** and treat her with such disrespect that you are scared she is going to sue the pants off you for other events you have pulled.

You - don't give much information about it... if you would give just her a bonus - you would be in court really fast - you would kill the morale of all the other team members - you would destroy her within the corporation - (people would think she got the bonus of other services). So if you want to distroy this women - give her the bonus - and see how fast the rest of the team - distroys you - her and the project. Plus I truly don't believe she wouldappreciate the bonus just for being the only female... she would feel like a token ... You would disrepect her and her knowledge and skills.

Don't be stupid - come up with a better reason for the bonus ..

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Absolutely out of the question !

by mbh In reply to Based on What ??? Why ???

I am the only woman in the team and always have been where ever I go. I wish to be treated the same as my counterparts, be they male or female. I would object very loudly if I were to be given a bonus based on the fact that I am the only woman in the team !!I am not just a token - I wish to be respected like my male colleagues. This would belittle me. I would object strongly.

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by o.kinseyjr In reply to Absolutely out of the que ...

Great response to a tough question.

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Yeah sure you would.

by Gruvdog In reply to Absolutely out of the que ...

Like I believe that "noble" reply. Where are the PC Police anyway???

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Why wouldn't you -

by JimHM In reply to Yeah sure you would.

Thats pretty bad - you can't believe an honest reply - I guess MRwrigh you are should use the name "MRWrong"... I wouldn't want to work for you - if you can trusth people on face value...

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Personal assault

by Gruvdog In reply to Why wouldn't you -

I may not agree with you. I don't care if you agree with me, HOWEVER, Your reply made use of my name in a slanderous fashion. This makes you a name caller. I do not stoop to name calling. I do not appreciate your doing so. It makes you seem small. Are You?

My comments and perspectives are direct straightforward and sometimes caustic. This does not give you the right to personnaly attack me. You do not know me.

I will say that you are correct. You wouldn't want to work for me. In fact, if you are no more mature than you seem, you wouldn't get so far as a second interview in my hiring process.

Let's remain on opposite sides of the planet shall we.

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Lets calm down

by James R Linn In reply to Personal assault

Your caustic comment to Jim implied you did not believe he was telling the truth. You called him less than truthful. Is that any less harmful than name calling?

He was obviously hurt and made fun of your name.

You both stooped to personal attacks in the heat of discussion.

This isn't the time or place for escalating personal jibes at each other, its a forum to discuss technical issues.

Move on.


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Thank You

by Gruvdog In reply to Lets calm down

Thank you for the balance. Actually, my reply was to MBH who seemed completely disingenuous and phony. I simply put it in the WRong place.

Jim: You're still out of line...PERIOD!

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