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Woman working in IT

By er9797 ·
Have you any idea agree for woman working in IT should be given a salary bonus if they are the only woman in their team or group, please give us a point for agree this argument

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Need to get real

by JimHM In reply to Lets calm down

I agree - Move on

First I was not upset or hurt buy his / hers distrust of their fellow person. I was more disappointed in the fact that he / she does not accept people at face value. Which in the business world isn't a good thing.

But to get upset because of a Ha Ha name - GET A FREEKING LIFE - DO YOU REMEMBER SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 (I lost brothers and sisters and many others did also)- REMEMBER DECEMBER 7, 1941 (lost an Uncle) - and all the other things in this world to get upset about... WELL EXCEUSEEEEEEEEE MEEEE... GET A LIFE... "Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt Me.." remember when you were a kid..Grow Up or are you 13 thats why your not in the Peer Review?-

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Working women in IT

by dan_tap In reply to Based on What ??? Why ???

I think this the 22nd century we are living at, women should not be discriminated in work specifically in the IT business, it is also a lame excuse to encourage women that if they join the IT bandwagon they are going to get a "bonus". Being in a team means having to trust the person you are working with whether a man or woman.

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22nd century?

by epepke In reply to Working women in IT

I know I tried to get a lot of sleep this weekend, but I didn't realize that I'd gotten that much!

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What happened to Equality...

by admin In reply to Woman working in IT

At your place of employment?

I don't mean this in any way to be harsh, but this should not be a question either way. Any discrimination based on gender is wrong and should be pro-actively done away with. Especially in this field.

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Not Especially in this field...

by T Bowman In reply to What happened to Equality ...

In ANY field. Why should IT be different?
It has been my experience that there are a lot of men and women in every field that couldn't find their butts with both hands.
The best IT (Admin type) person I know is a woman. Also, the worst I know isa woman.
Pay people what they are worth, period.

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The Internet/Computer world

by admin In reply to Not Especially in this fi ...

in general seems to have grasped this earlier than some (Like for instance the military or logging industry for example) So I stand by what I said. I agree that EVERYONE should be paid what they are worth regardless of gender in every field, but IT should be a little farther ahead than having this even be a question.

The day you find gender equality in military combat as far ahead as in military IT, I'll retract what I said, until then, obviously there are differences in how far along different fields are on this issue.

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What i like about IT

by Dawsopolis In reply to Not Especially in this fi ...

Is that you cnt tap dance and BS your way through the kob. In IT if you dont know what your doing your peers and collegues will know immedietly...

Its not like sales, its not like admin. We know the responsibility on our shoulders and can quicklyspot a glamour seeking paper MCSE from miles away.

Here the merit is based on performance, not gender.

But then im just the EVIL White man trying to keep everyone else down.

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by admin In reply to What i like about IT

Exactly :)

Gender has no bearing on performance in the IT world. <= PERIOD!


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Moronic Reason for Bonus

by SheilaU In reply to Woman working in IT

I am a female that has been working in the IT industry for 11 years - I have often been the only female on a team, and would hope that any bonus/recognition that I ever received was based on the fact that I worked hard and earned it, rather than thefact that I was a female.

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No of coarse not.

by I8042 In reply to Woman working in IT

That makes no logical sence.

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