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Woman working in IT

By er9797 ·
Have you any idea agree for woman working in IT should be given a salary bonus if they are the only woman in their team or group, please give us a point for agree this argument

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Sexual Discrimination

by sp.venkatesan In reply to Woman working in IT

This also comes to Sexual Discrimination. I do not find any reason for doing so. Does any one advocate the other exterme.
Salary Bonus if they are the only man in the team or group ?

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Women Should receive the same pay

by emline_farwig In reply to Sexual Discrimination

I have been the only women in our IT department for 3 years and I feel we should get paid the same. We all may have our own speciality in certian area, but (male or female) we all have to keep our knowledge up-to-date. Pay & bonuses should be equal.

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I think everyone agrees with that

by JimHM In reply to Women Should receive the ...

I think everyone here agrees with you - they are discussing - a bonus for just being the only female in a team of men..

What do you think...

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by javaFox In reply to Woman working in IT
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by tmcclure In reply to Woman working in IT

Where is the equality in that? The only concideration that should be given is how well do you do your job? That applies to both compensation and advancement.

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How about an even break?

by mscoulter In reply to

As a woman in IT, I'd be happy just to get an even break! I was mistreated in my last job because of my gender and now I am being interviewed FOUR times for a prospective job. Why is it I have to prove myself more than a man? Why is it assumed thatI am not as good or don't know as much as my male colleages?

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As a manager of IT I'd be happy

by James R Linn In reply to How about an even break?

just to get an even break.

I'd like people to not assume automatically that because I am male that I discriminate.

I don't deny that you have been descriminated against, but in my 15 years I have seen it rarely. And in the end people who descriminate in my world have been penalised and/or dealt with.

I wouldn't assume that 4 interviews means anything. I was interviewed that many times for a PC Tech job at a Fortune 100 job. The reason was that they have criteria that say that you haveto look beyond the current job's qualifications to see whether the individual can have a career in your org. It can be a good sign. Conversely it can also be a sign that the hiring company doesn't really know what they want(so be careful about accepting).

In any case bonuses based on gender are not a good idea.


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Don't sweat the 4 times

by JimHM In reply to How about an even break?

Looky here - I went through 5 people before I got my last job.. as you move up the salary line.. you start interviewing with more and more people in the company.

HR - Manager of department - Technical person in department - Director of the department - VP of area - Then back to the HR for a different HR person .... Oh yea a personality quiz was also taken... and scored while I was talking to the others...

Yes the interview process - expended the day...

So don't feel that they think less of you - that will come across in the interview and you will be past over - bank on that one...

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Insufficient data

by generalist In reply to Woman working in IT

The statement doesn't explicitly say that the woman is getting the bonus because she is the only woman on the team. (Or that is my interpretation of what is being said.)

On the other hand, if a bonus is given, it had better state why the woman got the bonus, otherwise it could be a morale killer unless the rest of the team KNEW that she deserved it.

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True of any team

by epepke In reply to Insufficient data

There have to be some really, really good reasons why only one person on a team gets a bonus. Part of the reason it's called a "team" is that people are supposed to make each other look good. If the one who looks the best is the only one rewarded,it kills the team.

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