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Woman working in IT

By er9797 ·
Have you any idea agree for woman working in IT should be given a salary bonus if they are the only woman in their team or group, please give us a point for agree this argument

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by Gruvdog In reply to Woman working in IT

Sure! And while you're at it. How about if I get just as big a bonus for being the only one on the team named Victor, or for being to only one on the team who lives in a green house?

Get real, get a life, find a new planet.

I don't get paid more than females. Why should they get paid more than me?


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not a valid reason

by darnoldchem In reply to Woman working in IT

Granted, in some less civilized IT environments, women receive more bull than men but extra money is not the way to handle it. It's almost like putting a price on that kind of behavior when it has no place at all in a professional environment. We should hire, fire, promote, demote and execute decisions bases on skills...or the lack thereof. Being a woman is totally independent of the skills when it comes to computing/IT.

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Is she Hot?

by qomputek In reply to Woman working in IT

If she's hot then she should get more so she will stick around and this way we have something pleasing to look at when we are working those 16 hour days (or nights).

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Finally a answer that I like.....

by LordInfidel In reply to Is she Hot?

Screw the discrimination laws.

I say keep all of the hot women in IT.

We need more hot geek babes. I think it should be mandatory that there should be 2 hot chicks assigned to every male geek.

Hey this is mikey land and I am it's ruler.(Btw- i'm married and deathly afraid of my wife and I am all for equal rights)

Disclaimer- These fictional views do not represent any valid points or the official policies of my employer. They are pure fantasy and wishful thinking.

Besides noone else was arguing with each other about this.

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Get a Grip!

by caroline.brown In reply to Woman working in IT

I certainly do not agree with the idea of women getting a bonus or increase in salary because of what you (do not) have between your legs!

I am a woman and have worked hard to gain credibility within the IT industry. Arguements like the one you have raised only serve to weaken the position of your sisters and feminist forbearers.

If you think you deserve a salary increase, you need to justify your position, like any other employee. The beauty of the IT industry is that, although it seemsto be male dominated (probably because of the perception of it requiring a strong mathematical brain), if you can walk the walk, then you have an equal opportunity for gaining the position.

Affect change from within and do not rely on pity and your sex for an adventageous career/salary hike.

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Absolutely not!

by Ron_H In reply to Woman working in IT

Why would any woman want to belittle herself and even consider any kind of discrimination based solely upon her gender?

If I were a woman, I would ask for a bonus based upon my work ethic and the ability that I possessed, that excelled over my peers.

If I were offered a bonus and it was clear that it was offered because of my gender only - I would absolutely refuse it, and would probably sue the company for discrimination.

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Could you elaborate?

by predictr In reply to Woman working in IT

"Have you any idea agree for woman working in IT should be given a salary bonus if they are the only woman in their team or group, please give us a point for agree this argument"

I'd be interested in your thinking as to why someone should be paidmore, solely on the basis that "they are the only woman in their team or group".

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Bad Idea

by rphilips In reply to Woman working in IT

This is the type of proposal that gives affirmative action a bad name. Instead of paying a bonus, how about getting more women on the team!!

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No point to agree to.....

by WorkinOnIt! In reply to Woman working in IT

I cannot give you an agreement on this point. Base on your question, I am making the following suppositions: you are female, you are looking for a good excuse to ask for a raise and this is all you could come up with, and you are from a bass ackwards country. You should not get a bonus for being the only woman on the team. I don't think you deserve a bonus at all after even suggesting such a thing!

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I LOVE this question!

by Murfster In reply to Woman working in IT

Omigosh, this question BEGS to be answered by a confident, no-nonsense, tech-job-experienced female that knows when a thread has been started to get a response.

Yes, I would take a salary bonus based on absolutely anything except false pretenses.I just got laid off from a job where I was a definite minority, where some of the guys were too embarassed to look at me when they carried on a conversation with me. And for you clowns thinking that I am a dog, quite the contrary.

Unfortunately, I had to spend so MUCH time communicating to these guys the way THEY are comfortable, that it got very tiresome.

So, if a manager sees my "woes" [ha!] and feels that I deserve a bonus, just sign the check and hand it over!

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